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African Psycho

I have decided to kill Germaine on December 29th……that is how the book captured me on its first sentence that left me with the why, how, where questions. Greg, a mechanic, rectangular headed, claims he is ugly- is a wannabee murderer who wants to kill Germaine, a whore he collected, lives with and decided to fatten her with the intention of finishing her off. All this to imitate his idol, Angoualima, the country’s assassin who committed suicide  and he has been visiting his grave where they chat often! Greg wants to outdo his idol, be his disciple and get recognized on media. As a picked up child on the streets he raped a nurse, almost killed a notary and injured this foster family’s son who wanted to molest him but all this never made it as NEWS! The heavier news, he is cooking it. More so, he would be impressed to kill his own mother for abandoning him.

The events of this book however, made me a lil bit unexcited in the middle pages where Greg went on and forth talking about his idol (I GET IT, YOU LOVE HIM), blubbering with long sentences that got commas and no full stop (EXHALED!!!). Any-who, he plots and when all is set he falls asleep waiting for Germaine who doesn’t come home that night. The TV breaking news wake him off the next morning with a murder scene that of Germaine! What is more interesting i and Greg too thought he might have sleep walked to kill her on the streets (his door was open) as the murder occurred in some way as he had planned it. The real murderer is exposed by his idol’s spirit as he visits his grave and more truths are exposed as to the true identity of Germaine. All in all Greg is a psycho!

Who is Germaine? Did she plan her living with Greg? Why couldn’t Greg kill? Did Angoualima visit Greg on his sleep? Am not gonna spoil that.