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Hashtag Wrongs

Am so sick and tired of all the hashtag wrongs on social media. I definitely wanted to shut up but can’t! Ndingehota! Before I jump off to those crimes, let me define a hashtag. According to Luvvie Ajayi author of I’m Judging You, a hashtag allows words to be track-able so everyone using that word or search term can find out what everyone else is talking about.

That said, some of the injustices you are doing to this #:

  1. Hash tagging a complete sentence e.g. #ILoveMyCat
  2. Hash tagging titles. This is usually done by newspapers on their headlines or even authors in their books e.g. #IWillMarryWhenIWant #26thOctoberPresidentialElection
  3. Hash tagging basic words e.g. #the #it #or
  4. Hash tagging every word of a sentence e.g. #How #Are #You
  5. Creating a word that makes the hashtag not work. This is usually before and after a word e.g. #exciting# or after a word e.g. Basketball#
  6. Using so many hashtags in one post e.g. #squad #YOLO #TGIF #party #fun #clubbing #dancing #tired #sleepy #bedtime #hangover
  7. Being unable to NOT hashtag. These are the social media wannabees who just got hold of a twitter, IG, fb account or even those who get to social media too late like our parents, aunts and uncles and they think they can hashtag their every status and posts! STAPH!
  8. Hijacking an unrelated hashtag. This is by using hashtags that got nothing to do with your post. E.g. Placing #Hiphop on eating dinner post.

Well that is it about the wrongs. Which other wrongs can’t you stand?