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The Beautiful Dead

Give me your hand, you beautiful and tender form,

I am a friend, and come not to punish,

Be of good cheer! I am not fierce,

Softly shall you sleep in my arms.                  ———   Death and the Maiden Poem

I felt like a crime detective in CSI…going detail by detail and guessing outcomes. Belinda captivated me-i just kept on going and this can make one gory movie! An artistic murderer is living on borrowed time with a stranger’s heart in his chest and the only way to borrow more time is by killing other people as a show via exhibition. They all die beautifully, he thinks! He even has the body of his mother who died 2 years ago in the house! At the center of all this is Eve a crime correspondent at iWitness News whom the killer thinks they are in it together; for her journalism career to thrive, there must be a killing. She is his disciple and he the master. The scenes on this book start on 1st Dec-25th Dec and i felt like each day was like 24 the series where each minute counts. It is after the murder of Layla and Kevin that the killer gets in touch with Eve via a micro-SD showcasing how he killed Kevin and it goes on air. After that, the killer keeps on calling her. What Eve doesn’t know is that the next murders she will witness them all . In a bid to catch him, a theory comes up where the killer post fliers with the name EXHIBITION that entails PLACE, VENUE and TIME of where the murders will take place.

Duncan, Eve’s father (is ill, has amnesia) is kidnapped and to end this madness she makes a deal with the killer, she has to die in order to save him but before that, she makes a decoy flier that confuses the entire detectives protecting her but there is a real one where she is the target. Emily, her bodyguard discovers it in her laptop. At Tate Modern, Eve is reassured her father is alive and upon talking to him she discovers he is their home tied with a bomb. When she is strangled with a wire to her neck, positioned on a tree branch with the killer about to let her fall, with the “to catch a killer, one must think like a killer” mantra echoing, she instead pushes him and he drops dead. Back at home, she tries to flee Mr Elias, her neighbour whose house is gas consumed, finds her father at the attic (with a flier posted at the yatch), rushes him out only to realize the bomb isn’t in the house but tied to his waist and with 5minutes to go she can’t help. Relax, the bomb doesn’t explode. Her father made it safe as is revealed in videos contained in the killer’s phone where they seemed to have had father-son conversations.

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Judging Over-sharers

Yes we all love to post what is happening, what we saw, what we like and what we thinking online but to what extent should you share? Truth is I try to mind my own business until some pseudos’ go all over on their timeline posting everything. At times they suck at it and I feel like judging them. Luvvie Ajayi author of I’m Judging You however, simplified my judging and here you can categorize thyself. Like always, am no holier so after am done judging you can as well judge back. NB//First sentence to where the full stop ends is Luvvie’s. Rest, I rest my case.

Mundane Over-sharer

They pass every minute details of things that make up their day. You can chart their day and tell where they are, where they will go next etcetera. If I want to kidnap you I can do that all thanks to your so many updates. I don’t want to know where you at, where you frequent visit, what you up-to every single minute. Methinks you still a baby who has to detail their every action to their uptight parent. Please spare me!

Relationship Over-sharer

This will make you think that you aren’t loved. You know their boo, how the relationship saw its start and end, how they made up, how their statuses changed from every choice given, how bae surprised them and all that romance gateway. Methinks they are my soap opera where I keep going like awwwww, oooh no and always keeping tabs for the next action. Let your private life be private.

Everything Sucks Over-sharer

Nothing is ever going well and you really do start to wonder what life has against them. They can actually convert you to a pessimist without you realizing. Kindly stop with the negative, we all want positive vibes ONLY! That is why am always logging in to my accounts for some optimistic side of things. Don’t kill my vibe.

The New Parent Over-sharer

They share every single milestone of their babies since they are new moms/ dads and cannot contain the excitement. Awwww babies are so cute and adorable. They make our hearts melt and steal every glance. However, we like to show off every thingy they do, open accounts for them (it’s good for business as I have come to fathom) but hey let the kids have their moments. They don’t know how trending they are till when old enough and might look back and judge you for it. (What if they don’t make it and look back to how famous they were-am just saying. God forbid). According to my thinking, only cute babies are posted (no baby is ugly actually) but when they turn to some toad hope you shall keep us posted too. For growth’s sake.

The Work Over-sharer

Person who must tell their social media friends every single thing about their workday and their business dealings. Hmmmm some of us work in large companies, make deals every single day, always traveling to represent and we don’t cause mayhem on social media. We don’t let that unemployed fellow outchea feel that life is mean to them. You know why? Because REAL Gs move in silence.

The Bodily Fluids Over-share

They love to talk about the details of their every bodily excretion. If you fart, poop, urinate or defecate whatever shit is coming out of you, we do not want to know about it. Neither do we want to know the process nor the smell.  Keep that between your body and the toilet. PERIOD!







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Judging Friendship

Friendship is ought to cherish the highs and lows of life in that we become each other’s rides or dies and I can rock Prada suit as I push a Cadillac truck with y’all on the back- you feel me! (Hehe excuse my gangster right there but The Lox banged it back then). However, there are those that bring shenanigans to the table that make me go like how the hell did we end up as buddies. These are the types I’m judging as I came across them well judged by Luvvie Ajayi in her book I’m Judging You-The Do Better Manual


So, let me unleash the dragon, here I come…. NB//First sentence to where the full stop ends is Luvvie’s. Rest, I rest my case.

  1. The Flake

You live in the same city as them but you only see them once a year because their superpower is that they will find a way to flake out of any and every event. They love making plans but before the D-day they will come up with an excuse as to why they can’t make it. I have an angle of them here who get the heebie-jeebies in coming up with the plan, implement but executing we know them to well.

  1. The Surface

That mysterious friend who we’ve known for years. You don’t know them beyond the surface level because they are guarded with everything. To make the long story long, you do not know what they do, what they up to, where they live. Nada. If you call yourself my pal yet I don’t know a hoot about your lifeline we better nullify the friendship agreement.

  1. The Competitor

Person who feels like their life is in direct competition with others and any win for someone else means they must tramp it. Their prowess is being able to make any good news you have into something about them and you realize they don’t wish you well.  If am conquering deals and getting promos you better be dining and wining the efforts than trying to prove you can do it better to prove my win is no good. STAPH!

  1. The Adventurer

They push us out of our comfort zones by living on the edge and sometimes it gets too much sauce by acting like rock stars but without fame and money. Boo-thang I love your boogie ass but no way am gonna kill myself breaking earthly laws that might land us to major drama. Chill pills please but I gotta envy you though!

  1. The Frenemy

They’ve made it in their job and their life’s vision is to use you or someone else in your group as a verbal punching bag. They throw so much shade you have to use your flashlight app when you’re around them. Yes, you, stop scaring the bejesus outta everyone by using whatever bragging rights you got to make others look meek. Sit down, be humble!

  1. The SOS

In bad times you their BFFs but when in good times you only find out about their lives via social media. Like they only around when they are in need. I know yours truly got a comfy shoulder to lean on that lets you overstay but roger this, am not your dumping ground for life’s problems neither am I a therapist. Carry some benedictions at times.

  1. The Enabler

Friends should tell us tough truths and help correct things we do that aren’t on point. Those that never challenge you and cheer every single thing you do aren’t loyal. Do not be a cheerleader in my life. If my hair style, clothes, make up don’t rhyme don’t let me walk around looking like a scarecrow. Also, when we go shopping can you stop telling me how everything looks good on me. Am not opening a store! Moreover, when I put the lazy armor and all I do is wrong can you do the spot on check right away? Are you done? No. One more thing, what are friends for if we ain’t making future plans like investing and building empires side by side? C’mon!

  1. The Holy Roller

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your spiritual beliefs but some of you take it overboard and make it hard to talk about. When I need a girl chat like how am slithering the city like a snake with guys, to my binge drinking or whatever gossip girls’ talk can you stop sanctifying everything. Do away with the preaching at times. Amen? AMEN!

  1. The Lannister

You feel obligated to remain friends with them because of history. However, you can’t trust them since they have done things in the past to others around you. I feel like these are those that snitch to cause mayhem, sleep around with your friends lovers, back stab you when you aren’t around, keep on apologizing but for who? I will let you thrive since they say keep your friends close and friends closer.



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Pigeonholing books and authors

The best thing about been in a book club is the mind blowing discussions that make me question my reading capability. The hullabaloo that got even the silent ones talking was on what is African Literature. There’s this merry go around we do where we read an African book for one month then the next month we do a non-African. The confusion started when a reader suggested we do Helen Oyeyemi  but i was quick to interject she is a British writer. Then to prove me wrong one said she was born in Africa and migrated to the UK at the age of 4. Correct i said, but been born African doesn’t qualify one’s work into been African Literature.

To make it even more debatable, readers went ahead to pin point African authors who live abroad and non-African authors who write African content. Pigeonholing also cropped up where many half cast African authors have frequently been asked to classify their writing or where audience is felt outside than in Africa. An article by Taiye Selasi on the Guardian Pigeonholing  aroused me even more.

Who is an African author? Which book qualifies to be an African book? Why do you read African books? It is because of the poverty porn displayed by authors, the different themes displayed, the style that showcases real life experiences or because it made it to been the best seller in some other continent? Not only Africa, does the same happen in other continents?

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Books and real life

This Question was posed and received over 4K visceral responses. Some synchronized, while others…

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