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Online Celebs

With the social media hype you probably have noticed some “celebs” online who maybe wanna fake it till they make it or who wanna be on another level that they can’t even reach. Lemme classify them:

  • The Quasi-Famous

They assume that because the video/ blog etc. got some high number of views, means everyone they come across has seen it. They bore us to death with the “have you seen my video, have you read my blog?” What if i don’t wanna look at it?

  • The Number Dropper

This one cannot go through an entire convo without talking about their social media numbers and huge following. If you haven’t beaten Kylie Jenner a beg, take your wahalla and go!

  • The Powerful Threatener

They expect perfect service be it in a hotel, club etc. and when they don’t receive it, they pull out their “I’m famous on the internet” badge and say things like “I’ll bust you on my blog.” Trust you me, no matter how many people know you, BEHAVE! Ain’t gonna treat you special.

  • The Brand

People who take the idea of himself as brand to heart that they are always doing the thing they are known for no matter how ridiculous they come off. Lemme come closer home where during the August elections, Githeri man trended. Now imagine everyday him walking with his githeri to represent who he is! Absurd.

  • The Revolutionary

They are cool, brilliant and take themselves seriously except you cannot chit chat without them using heavy words. I guess they learning new vocabulary via the internet and think they can scare us? Please, we used to jargon.

  • The Mismatched

They are known for been loud online only to meet them and know they wallflowers who look uncomfortable being where they are. They also live a lie by creating storms and claiming to be elsewhere while in deed you’ve been with them all day! *Sigh

  • The Pioneer

You can’t tell them shit as they believe all the great ideas on the internet originated from their mind. They are prone to quote themselves from time to time or create memes of their own “deep words.”

Ref: I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi

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Drive ban

Over the last two days i have been trying to comprehend that Saudi Arabian women NEVER used to DRIVE cars. Do you know how i always want to get behind the wheel of my dream vintage car and then not be able to drive it? My hands would burn! If i was living there i would already have many charges against me leave alone pretense of been a man (yes i would have some fake identity and come up with fake costumes to make my boobs and hips disappear). This was new to me, i never knew that such a ban could exist. What shall we name it? Sexism, gender inequality, chauvinism?

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim conservative country where dignity is key and some of my friends literally refused to go to work there. Reason been, they can’t cope with all the rules in there it’s like been a caged bird.  For so long these women would employ drivers or get a relative to take them around. Come June 2018 women can now start driving and this got me thinking how business will boom. Take for instance the many driving institutions that will crop up to offer driving lessons not forgetting car companies might make a huge sale as women will now want to own their rides. I feel like i should tutor someone or tell which car one should buy, your car dealer. Yuhuu…..

I was going through some arguments as to why the Monarchy ruled nation has been having this ban for many years and here are some highlights with my opinions:

Allowing women to drive would lead to promiscuity and collapse of Saudi family-How now? I bet like in the movies where they would come home late from seeing someone maybe, but really?

It is inappropriate in Saudi culture for women to drive- i won’t argue with culture but hey we in the 21st century? Accept change, shift mindset for progress for women’s sake!

Men drivers would not know how to handle having women in cars next to them- Buckle up, am a good driver than you! I won’t bump over things reversing, i will overtake swiftly and your life is safe when am behind the wheel TRUST ME!

Driving harmed women’s ovaries – *sips water. Did I miss something in my biology classes?

Well, freedom is here and ooh hail the King for making that change. This will empower women as they can now go to work and be able to multi-task their daily routines without disturbing relatives or parting away with huge bills come end month. Now worry about fuel, shall we? Development will shift gears on a larger scale. No more inferiority, gender roles are now changing and what a man can do a woman can do better. So y’all go out there and get behind those wheels….VROOOOOMMMMMM!!


PS: Which other bans deny women from living?

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Changes: A Love Story

“Guilt is born in the same hour with pleasure, like anything in this universe and its enemy.”

At first i thought it was going to be a love story that brought changes to it but nada! The book focuses on 3 women Esi, Opokuya and Fusena and their spouses Oko, Kubi and Ali respectively. Esi is a career oriented woman who has no time for her hubby nor her daughter. Due to her busy schedule she hates been married, been a wife where a woman submits and the only way out is when Oko “rapes”her that she files for a divorce. Freedom, maybe! She falls in love with Ali who on the other hand doesn’t value the Muslim norms (marry a virgin who is a muslim) but introduces her to the family as his second wife but still isn’t getting enough from this marriage too. Fusena, does not get the opportunity to advance her career (children and hubby disagrees since he is rich) while Ali has his way to his education desires. However, Fusena’s shop business is the talk of town as she manages it quit well. Opokuya, a nurse by profession has 4 children, manages her home well enough but Kubi cheats on her frequently (add Esi to his list).
The overall review is that Ama brings out elements of motherhood, marriage, friendship, independence, money and culture in the female autonomy where CHANGE bypasses the old traditions. “It is a record of changing circumstances of women’s lives in contemporary Africa…..constructs a psychological blueprint for female portraiture.” The conversations between women in this book shows a lot of social change and from it, can truly say it is what happens in today’s era. Quite an interesting read that leaves one with lots of questions

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Stool Society

News across the world have been making me worried of what is happening in nations. For instances: Mosul has been under attack as ISIL has replaced hundred thousands of its residents mercilessly killing thousands. The thing about watching CNN,BBC and Al-Jazeera (i rarely watch local news) is that they bring the action close to you and hearing children narrate ordeals and loved ones cry for their dead family members makes you want to join the Holy order. Marawi in the Philippines under the ISIS attack has seen people stay indoors as rescuers take their risk and go around homes to rescue survivors; then martial law is taking over! Syria has been on the forefront of war since I can remember, 6 years, yes you heard me and still ongoing (take a break!) Iran and Afghanistan are other nations that bombs are not a vocabulary and peace is the jargon. London has also had its fair share of terror attacks especially the van attacks and after Ariana’s concert. North Korea and its missiles, dammit! What are they launching that never ceases? 100+ days under the Trump administration in the USA where deals and agreements make me go like “who voted you in?” It is so covfefe in there but hey Happy Independence Day.


Back to Mama Africa and we are greeted by the despair in Mali. What happened to it having been the first African Nation to have the best university in Timbuktu? Did you know people from all the world used to come to Mali to study? What then happened to it been like a desert where war never fades? Libya; you caught my eyes during Gaddafi’s tenure but after his death I thought you could cool off but to the surprise of many war mode is still on. So many migrants are crossing over to Europe states and soon the Westerners shall not accommodate you all. Boko Haram in Nigeria showcased they can make over 200 girls disappear but seems they are surrendering to the Nigerian Army and I smell a win.  In South Sudan it seems the peace agreement was used to light someone’s stove even before it could be digested in as the 2 horses can never put their grudges behind. Now I hear there is a humanitarian catastrophe. Al-shabab in Somalia and also partly in my country continue to terrorize nations that have known conciliation since time in memorial. Civil wars in DRC Congo and Central African Republic; border wars between Eritrea and Djibouti yet so small states but with the ongoing African Union Summit let me wait and see how they address conflict. The recent disturbance is how Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain could cut ties with Qatar. Those 13 demands are hysterical to say the least but come on, do not shut down Al-Jazeera and end this Gulf crisis! We (Kenya) head for the polls on August 8th and we pray amity shall prevail and no past shall haunt us. In fact on August 4th Rwanda votes and anticipate we shall emulate them.

All this and much more reminds me of a comparison of society to a traditional stool in the UNBOWED book


. It has 3 legs that represent three critical pillars of just and stable societies. The 1st leg stands for democratic space, where rights are respected, whether they are human rights, women rights, children rights or environmental rights. The 2nd represent sustainable and equitable management of resources. And the 3rd stands for cultures of peace that are deliberately cultivated with communities and nations. The seat represents society and its prospects for development. Unless all three legs are in place, supporting the seat, no society can thrive. Neither can its citizens develop their skills and creativity. When one leg is missing, the seat is unstable; when two are missing it is impossible to keep any state alive; and when no legs are available, the state is as good as a failed state. No development can take place in such a state either. Instead, conflict ensues.

You can clearly see that in some nations they are either missing one leg, two or three legs. How well we thrive and bring back the stool to its stability depends on all our efforts but how far can we go for firmness?

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TOTD: Adopt/ Reject

We all have what we came to learn as we interacted with our societies and much of it we were born into it. Lately, I have been thinking of what happens when you don’t want to be associated with your culture. There are these rituals that are done and we often told of the consequences of not adhering to them. This is Africa and I bet each country, each tribe out there got their thing. Does the same apply to continents like Asia, North America, Antarctica? Well due to different deities of course Muslims, Hindus got their way of things and this even cuts across to ceremonies like marriages, death of loved ones and so on. Maybe, rebels have been there in the past and were they cursed? Can you be a rebel of your culture? Which custom would you want to change?