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Check up 137

Happy new month.

Is it me or has the year felt like it’s beginning for you? January was just meh. The energy wasn’t there, the mood was foggy and for a fact felt my sunshine fading away slowly. Here are a few things I’m planning on doing this month to survive and get through.

Daily affirmations;

This has to come back in my life or else self-sabotage which I frequently do. I need my positive thinking like yesterday.

Stop overthinking;

Girl, you need to cut it. I know my thoughts are usually scattered all over and need to tame that to relax and breathe and enjoy the present.

Go to the gym;

Never have I ever been to a gym. I would probably feel nauseated after a first work out like they do in those TV shows or burn out for days. Either way, since dreaming big in the mountaineering world is an option, I have to get trained on some things that cycling and running won’t do.

Read January books;

Got 2 books; Life of PI and Notes from a Small Island that should be over and done with. However, my goal for the year is to read 6 books. As an avid reader, this year feels like I should go simple. I’m still on track, right?

Dye my hair;

I’ve been thinking. How would I look with dyed hair? I’ve never had that black hair. Back in the day’s people with my type of hair color would often be told they lacked certain vitamins. Anyway, my dreadlocks MIGHT get some type of dye. Purple? Ombre?

Reduce screen time;

There is this obsessive demon that I never had that wants to keep glued to the phone watching funny videos and memes.

Finish what’s pending;

Since January wasn’t feeling me and I wasn’t feeling it, the piling is extra. Got to buckle up and get work done.

Go outside more;

Take a walk, hike, morning runs and dates with friends. I thrive more when outside. That’s where my energy comes from.

Revisit old checkups;

Every year I’ve got to do breasts checkups since I have benign lumps. But who is Eva? 2020 the Covid scare had me not be near any health facility. 2021 I had no excuse. I was just living. Then few weeks to my Mt. Kenya expedition, I had a lump under my armpit that I condemned it wasn’t going to ruin my plans. I was a bit nervous. Miraculously, it disappeared on its own. This year, I’ve promised my body to not take it for granted. So I’m accepting the injections, the tests, the long nervous weeks of waiting and all there is to my yearly checkup.


My right ear blocks when I sleep and unblocks when awake. Is it my sleeping posture, pillow or do I need to see an ENT specialist?

Money moves;

Closing accounts that no longer serve me and investing elsewhere. I’m now more knowledgeable on money matters and saving money in dormant accounts is neither the way, truth nor the life.

Which activities have you got for the month?