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Happy Day

…..because am happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because am happy, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth, because am happy, clap along if you know what happiness is to you, because am happy….Pharrel Williams

Happy International Happy Day!!!

In Asia, a small country that is underdeveloped lived happily ever after despite their backward way of life. That brought us here to the UN setting aside a day for happiness. Are we happy? What makes you happy? Here are things that make me happy:

  1. God’s unending favors and mercies. The fact that i know He watches over me and has my back is a good feeling.
  2. Life. Been alive on this day, this minute, this hour been sound and healthy is just the bomb.
  3. Family will always be there for you. The fact that i have mine intact and celebrating each and every one of us is what excites me.
  4. Challenging friends will push you, remind you, tell the truth always and pull you out of rough happenings. The fact that i have a small circle that makes me better myself each day, makes me do more and come out of my comfort zone is a blessing.
  5. Food just makes me salivate right now…well cooked food especially brown chapatis and chicken will make me melt down with joy. Ooooh cooking also is my recipe for happiness.
  6. Traditional meals make me wish i  was born in my granny’s era since arrow roots, sweet potatoes, cassava, yams make my breakfast mornings so special.
  7. Leather, leather, leather everything brown leather for me just transforms me to a shopaholic. The sight of these things makes me happy.
  8. Traveling and getting to know different cultures and places fulfills my heart.
  9. Entertainment from comedy movies, animations and listening to homeboyzradio makes my day.
  10. Winning tickets and goodies especially homeboyz radio, even my neighbors will hear of it!
  11. Eating junk food when stressed lightens me up. Haha i know you asking how a 45kg girl eats junks food and doesn’t add weight!
  12. Playing basketball and table tennis can never go wrong especially during holidays. Me love these sports.
  13. Groups like VOFCIN, Goodreads bookclub, Literati, Mr.Sekis Dotas (highschool), Road to Recovery and Peace Ambassadors Kenya are the A thing in my phone. From silly to serious conversations, a day without them chatting would be boring but we can’t allow that to happen. Can we?
  14. When i get to download that book, buy one or borrow some quenches my mind and been transformed to various characters and shift of locations puts me in a relaxed mood.
  15. Walking around the house without a bra is just breathtaking. I hate bras and they are the first things i take off before shoes.
  16. Blogging and reading people’s blogs makes me see creativity from another dimension. Been interconnected is just happy.
  17. Volunteering, social work and rendering my services to others makes me smile knowing that am helping a vulnerable person out there.
  18. Babies….children from 1month -3 years have a thing with me. When i get to play,  laugh and talk with them just gives me goosebumps. They make me happy.
  19. Farting makes me know that the gas is out of my system. It is usually a happy moment to just do it. So don’t hold it in, just do it. Let them stare and hold their noses as if they got a robot mechanism.
  20. Every morning i go for that long call of nature and that is usually one bubbly moment knowing my stomach is clear for more. It is like i got that alarm.
  21. Art opens up our eyes to the world around us. Seeing that through paintings, architecture, clothing or whichever medium makes my jaw drop.
  22. Vintage cars are my everything and the mere fact that i want to own a couple before going new school is to die for.
  23. Exercising and been able to follow routine is fulfilling.
  24. Dancing even that left to the right move is a good way to enjoy the moments and forget all the trouble.
  25. Water is life. Quenching my body with at least 8 glasses per day is not to be taken for granted.
  26. Environment conservation for the future generation is something i take part in. Knowing am doing my simple best to out do extinction.
  27. Working hard, setting goals and fulfilling them is mind blowing.
  28. Been Kenyan and having that title to it is everything. Wouldn’t trade my identity for anything.
  29. Me…been me, doing me and staying me is the best happiness ever.

Reclaim your happiness today.

Go ahead and share the crazy, funny, inspiring things that make you happy.