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Drive ban

Over the last two days i have been trying to comprehend that Saudi Arabian women NEVER used to DRIVE cars. Do you know how i always want to get behind the wheel of my dream vintage car and then not be able to drive it? My hands would burn! If i was living there i would already have many charges against me leave alone pretense of been a man (yes i would have some fake identity and come up with fake costumes to make my boobs and hips disappear). This was new to me, i never knew that such a ban could exist. What shall we name it? Sexism, gender inequality, chauvinism?

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim conservative country where dignity is key and some of my friends literally refused to go to work there. Reason been, they can’t cope with all the rules in there it’s like been a caged bird.  For so long these women would employ drivers or get a relative to take them around. Come June 2018 women can now start driving and this got me thinking how business will boom. Take for instance the many driving institutions that will crop up to offer driving lessons not forgetting car companies might make a huge sale as women will now want to own their rides. I feel like i should tutor someone or tell which car one should buy, your car dealer. Yuhuu…..

I was going through some arguments as to why the Monarchy ruled nation has been having this ban for many years and here are some highlights with my opinions:

Allowing women to drive would lead to promiscuity and collapse of Saudi family-How now? I bet like in the movies where they would come home late from seeing someone maybe, but really?

It is inappropriate in Saudi culture for women to drive- i won’t argue with culture but hey we in the 21st century? Accept change, shift mindset for progress for women’s sake!

Men drivers would not know how to handle having women in cars next to them- Buckle up, am a good driver than you! I won’t bump over things reversing, i will overtake swiftly and your life is safe when am behind the wheel TRUST ME!

Driving harmed women’s ovaries – *sips water. Did I miss something in my biology classes?

Well, freedom is here and ooh hail the King for making that change. This will empower women as they can now go to work and be able to multi-task their daily routines without disturbing relatives or parting away with huge bills come end month. Now worry about fuel, shall we? Development will shift gears on a larger scale. No more inferiority, gender roles are now changing and what a man can do a woman can do better. So y’all go out there and get behind those wheels….VROOOOOMMMMMM!!


PS: Which other bans deny women from living?