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The Beautiful Dead

Give me your hand, you beautiful and tender form,

I am a friend, and come not to punish,

Be of good cheer! I am not fierce,

Softly shall you sleep in my arms.                  ———   Death and the Maiden Poem

I felt like a crime detective in CSI…going detail by detail and guessing outcomes. Belinda captivated me-i just kept on going and this can make one gory movie! An artistic murderer is living on borrowed time with a stranger’s heart in his chest and the only way to borrow more time is by killing other people as a show via exhibition. They all die beautifully, he thinks! He even has the body of his mother who died 2 years ago in the house! At the center of all this is Eve a crime correspondent at iWitness News whom the killer thinks they are in it together; for her journalism career to thrive, there must be a killing. She is his disciple and he the master. The scenes on this book start on 1st Dec-25th Dec and i felt like each day was like 24 the series where each minute counts. It is after the murder of Layla and Kevin that the killer gets in touch with Eve via a micro-SD showcasing how he killed Kevin and it goes on air. After that, the killer keeps on calling her. What Eve doesn’t know is that the next murders she will witness them all . In a bid to catch him, a theory comes up where the killer post fliers with the name EXHIBITION that entails PLACE, VENUE and TIME of where the murders will take place.

Duncan, Eve’s father (is ill, has amnesia) is kidnapped and to end this madness she makes a deal with the killer, she has to die in order to save him but before that, she makes a decoy flier that confuses the entire detectives protecting her but there is a real one where she is the target. Emily, her bodyguard discovers it in her laptop. At Tate Modern, Eve is reassured her father is alive and upon talking to him she discovers he is their home tied with a bomb. When she is strangled with a wire to her neck, positioned on a tree branch with the killer about to let her fall, with the “to catch a killer, one must think like a killer” mantra echoing, she instead pushes him and he drops dead. Back at home, she tries to flee Mr Elias, her neighbour whose house is gas consumed, finds her father at the attic (with a flier posted at the yatch), rushes him out only to realize the bomb isn’t in the house but tied to his waist and with 5minutes to go she can’t help. Relax, the bomb doesn’t explode. Her father made it safe as is revealed in videos contained in the killer’s phone where they seemed to have had father-son conversations.