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We’re Going To Need More Wine

“Your world is only as small as you make it.”

You know how books start with a dedication that is obvious; I want to dedicate this book to my parents/ siblings/ children/ lover/ dog coz we love pets more than humans etc. and most of the times I rarely read them since it is plain blah so I just jump to chapter 1. However, tables turned in this one as Gabrielle Union wowed the craving out of me. See it for yourself:

I dedicate this book to those who have been humiliated and
wanted to hide away forever. To those who have been broken
and superglue wasn’t enough to help. To those who have felt
frozen in fear and shame. To those who have kept smiling as
their throats were closing up. To those who thought they had
all the answers but realized they were sorely ignorant. I see
you. I gotchu. And to my parents, who I never understood until
I became an adult who followed her heart . . . I’m sorry and I
love you. I get it now.

And the introduction? Liiitttt! Damn girl, where have you been in this writing space?

This kind of feels like a first date. I have that same feeling you get five minutes before you meet the other person, when you’re giddy about where things might go. But also wary, because you’ve been on enough bad dates to know exactly how this can go awry. They order the salmon and pronounce the l and you’re like, How the hell has my life come to this? No pressure, but I have thought of you the whole time I’ve been writing this book. I have never shared these stories outside of a close circle of people, the friends you can tell all your secrets to because you know all of theirs. So I want this to be like one of those nights out with someone you can be real with. We’re sitting across from each other over drinks, and we’re in the middle of this ridiculous, hyperventilating laugh/cry because even I can’t believe I did some of these things, foolishness that made perfect sense at the time but sounds ludicrous now. “Oh no, it gets worse,” I say, taking a sip as everyone in the restaurant looks over at us losing it. These are the stories that require reinforcements. If I’m going to really get into them, we need to flag the waiter and tell him not to be a stranger and to keep pouring, because we’re gonna need more wine tonight.

You see when you kick off a book like this, many will drool to jump onto it right away. Well she was a naïve girl growing up and this is depicted in the sex miseducation as she rarely knew how to put on tampons leave alone sex since we all assumed “tampons made you break your hymen, you were no longer a virgin” and this aunt flo thing with women every month was never taught at home. Like her I could totally relate because even I would wonder “like what happens? You put this pad on, and then what? You’re bleeding and sitting in it?” Then there is this thing it is riding high and you just can’t stand it! Right? Naivety! More so, did we all ask where children came from and through Sunday school we thought that “you could go to sleep and wake up carrying Baby Jesus?” Don’t worry Being Mary Jane got us.

Delving into this book I came to learn that Union has been through hell and back. She was raped while selling in a shoe shop by a robber and it took the intervention of a rape group to bring her back around, which is why today she is an activist of victims of sexual assault. She didn’t think she was of value to men and there was this low self-esteem she dragged along with. She got married and divorced plus there is a prescription for a break up in here. Onto babies, she has had several miscarriages but all hope isn’t lost, no scratch that, y’all need to get out of her pussy! She is a step mom to Dwayne’s kids, her husband who by the way resembles Shawn actor in the Power series (Ghost’s chauffer who is shot by 50 Cent) I just love the series I had to say that. Well, she talks about how to parent as a step mom, to how love came her way. Don’t we all love the couple? Yeay!

Any who, Hollywood isn’t a bed of roses and you just have to stand out. Here she narrates her highs and lows in the acting career to supporting one another and clapping back at haters. To Hollywood wannabees “Don’t save your best for when you think the material calls for it. Always bring your full potential to every take, and be on top of your job, or they will replace you.”   Like every black American writer (coz not a book I haven’t read that doesn’t speak about it) she went through the racism phase. We all know what happens…don’t we?

So yes it is all about her life in the funniest way. It is like she is across the room, we sipping wine and she is telling her story. I appreciate her honesty, way of arousing a reader to how she pens it down. She got me right here and imma be sipping more wine as I wait for another book by her.