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Wakanda Forever

How was your valentine week? I won a pair of tickets to watch Black panther at Imax alongside Homeboyz Radio crew so yes i was so excited for the food, music and interactions with my favorite HBR presenter Ray. Fashion was well presented you would have thought it was the African cultural week.

That aside, i have never been a die hard fan of super hero movies. So why go see Black Panther? The hype, man! Everyone was waiting for its premier, everyone was talking about it but for us Kenyans it was because Lupita was in it. For the black community, it was all for that Black History Month. Even Rotten Tomatoes rated it as that good! So why not?

Well, the movie was okay to me as African wear was well represented, the lingo plus character names were on point and apart from T’Challa fighting for what is rightful his, we got to love Shuri, T’Challa’s sister for the humor. She really cracked me up while she represented women in technology. I can also not forget Klaw and W’Kabi for their sarcasm too. Whatever initiation was happening at a water fall before the challenges began was epic too.

However, i felt the whole movie should have been acted in Africa if at all it was about a black super hero. The name should have not been black panther since we don’t even have those. Instead of some Chinese vibe, i expected some African local vibe. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched but when you do , leave your comment. All in all, it has smashed sales for just a weekend and yes i want to watch it again for Shuri’s sake!

Have you watched it? How was it?