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Check up 124

Errrr am not done with cooking over. Can you smell what the rock is cooking😉?

The universe decided am a good chapati master who should render her services in an institution for two weeks. Heh, not even excited. Here wondering when September will end so that I can rest, abi.

No, am joking. I feel superfly. Others have even started asking if they had visitors or parties, how much I would charge. Maybe its the high time I have a rate card like the famous influencers😂.

Looking back, I come from families that love cooking which has been passed down generation to generation. Frankly speaking, I don’t think there’s a home I go to and eat whack food. Always leaving with a lesson or two. (Gotta gas up family).

During his younger days, papa owned a hotel at Eastleigh which he later closed to follow his love in business. I feel like the universe is repeating itself in me only that physically there will be no hotel and ain’t here to stay😁.

Cheers to happy kneading and spinning.