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Making Mistakes

When i started watching How i met your mother the humor part killed it for me with Barney, Ted and Lily as my favorites. Then Barney started some serious feelings towards Robin who slept with Ted. Then we can’t forget the drama with Lily and Marshall, Ted and Stella and so much drama in within. What i loved is when they would go to their usual hangout bar no matter their differences. Now we into season 9 but i left it at 5 (got so much catching up to do). The truth is when i wrote down this quote, i didn’t write who said it and at which season. So for now bear with me but promise will start noting down that. Do you think it was Ted, Lily or Barney who said these words?

“There are certain things in life when you know it is a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it is a mistake, is to make a mistake and look back and say yep that was a mistake. The bigger mistake would be not make the mistake because then you would go your whole life not knowing if really something is a mistake or not.”

Character Unknown*- How I met your mother