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Check up 132

Never in a million years would I have thought that the eucalyptus tree was special. However, Njoro proved me wrong- it’s not your ordinary tree. It has medicinal accolade to it thanks to its leaves.

For the next one week, Grandpa might open up a hidden world full of gems. One where a curious learner is eagerly waiting.

Eucalyptus is famously known for its oil (should not be consumed) used for inhalation and the leaves can be dried to make tea. Other major uses of its leaves include:

  1. Bug repellent.
  2. Act as a pain reliever.
  3. Protects body from oxidative stress as the leaves are a great source of antioxidant.
  4. Relieves cold symptoms like cough, nasal congestion and headache.
  5. Improves dry skin.
  6. Improves dental health by keeping one’s teeth healthy.
  7. Spa like experience by hanging whole leaves in your shower or to your bath.

After boiling eucalyptus leaves the feeling was breathtaking. The drink when added honey to it, tastes like mint. It refreshed my body and been drinking more of it since. Try it.