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Why the partridge drinks only dew

As a young boy the partridge ran away from home and went to town. He had no food to eat and nowhere to sleep that the streets became his home. He was so dirty that everyone recognized him. He was reported and sent home in disgrace. Back home he was bad, he mistreated children, refused to work and thus he was frequently beaten. He went to live with his grandmother who became too old to do much work.

Sensing her death, she told him to go to the river  to fetch water so that he could be blessed but he refused. Angered, his granny cursed him that he should never drink river water again. Days passed by and his granny was no more. He later found out that he could not drink water, cross a river or bathe in a river. When he stepped into the water the skin  came off his feet. When he tried to drink the skin came off his head and neck.

The only water he could get was dew which he and his descendants still feed on.

Lesson learnt:

  • Obey your elders

Any other?