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Train of Thought

Title: Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought

Author: Hans & Jans

Genre: Children, fiction

Published: 2011

Pages: 151

My GR rate: 5/5


This felt like an animation. I’ve never laughed this hard. And the stories are realistically told in a surreal world. I would highly recommend this for children to learn and stimulate ideas in a fun context. More so, there are pictures in each story to kind of get the gist of what Lemur speaks about.

Stories take the poetry prose where most rhyme and you might even rap them out😊😊😊 because damn, beautifully written. Symbols and metaphors come in handy and you better be fun at parties to crack the jokes.

My favorites had to be:

1.Tossed salad- where the Queen’s arrival is expected but Aunty Bea’s innocent helper tosses all the salad ingredients to the washing machine and Lemur tells a reader it’s the reason you’ll never find a restaurant in England serving Salad Flambee.

2. Shadow of doubt- a rat’s reflection makes him think he can outdo the cat after his mates assures him he can only to end up as a sacrifice. This is intertwined with pride as the moral lesson.

3. The cat on the keyboard- the owner leaves their draft messages on only for the cat to punch in a love letter and send it.

4. Hunger strike- That reminisce one of their childhood days when parents never committed to their promises.

5. Flying nurse- mimicking mosquitoes but the authors use medical terms symbolically to bring the best out of it. Fav line
“these small registered nurses of aviation,
Flying in attack formation,
Operate in cold collusion,
To give me a blood transfusion. ”

6. Chocolate fondue- this has to be the most dramatic, funny recipe ever. Ooh and the character wants to now have a cook book and call it ‘Fon-Don’t.’

7. My new hat- I also want this hat if only the design is found😅. Inside it will be a loaf of garlic bread, spaghetti, camera, phone, computer etc.

8. Waiter- don’t we all hate it when a hotel is jam packed and you told to wait for hours? And you literally become the waiter….see what they did there😂.

9. My Udder Brother- someone turned their brother into a cow😂😂😂 after his hiccups couldn’t go away prompting recommendation of cow hoof powder online. It’s is so legend…dairy!😉

10.Taller- short people problems gone sour after approaching a stretching rack. His left arm didn’t match with his right because he gave the booth attendant three quarters instead of a dollar!

11.Will chew for you- Ralph the dog has opened up a business to be eating kid’s homework. You should see his advertising note to his clients.

12. 2043- looking into the future. But Lemur says you don’t need to worry if you got no plan since your job not invented yet.

13. Duck dentistry- explore cosmetic dentistry by using ducks. Am in tears.

14. Salem Sandwich- Salem witch trials of 1692 come into play.

15. Spelling test- Do over please.

16. Mouse guest- we all need a mouse that’s clean. It can use a dustpan and broom, removing dust from rugs, soaps his paws before he eats and must sanitize and boil his toilet water! He needs no health insurance.

So yea, there’s an open seating, ticket ready to board the train of thought “cause that’s the kind of fuel on which your train of thought will run.”