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The Elephant in Showbiz

16 days of activism have been on and we have talked about violence against women from all angles to respecting them. Did you #orangeyourhood?   Ladies have been labelled feminists by men who continue to show lack of what feminism is. GBYF. However, what has sparked my interest in the recent days was Sexual Assault in the showbiz industry. It all started with the #MeToo in USA and #BalanceTonPorc in France. And boy did we see many actresses stepping out of that closet that has been deemed closed for years. Here we were thinking it was all cut, play, act, take 1 but how wrong we were. Behind the scenes individuals like Moore, Charlie Rose, Westein, John Conveyer and latest been Matt Lauer of NBC were assaulting women and all they did was claim they were false allegations (rolls eyes). Remember Bill Cobsy? He was my favorite throwback of all times but after his heinous crime, my rate dropped to 1 just for entertaining me.

Coming out of the closet is never an easy task but we all need to speak out to ascertain where measures need to be implemented for women’s sake! Women I got a beef with you. Why is it you wait upon someone to speak out then you all parade claiming the same? We are partly to blame for letting criminals out there go on their daily habits as if nothing happened. We need to embrace courage and let our cry be heard when action is done ASAP. How do we account for acts that happened years ago? The more we resist stepping up, the more victims there shall be.

So much has been talked about FGM, early marriages, domestic violence name them but the elephant in the showbiz industry needs to be addressed. Let’s not wait till hashtags, civil groups, feminists and movement’s trend to analyze it. Go to court and let these bastards rot in hell.