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Finding Me: Laziness

In my entire life i have never been so lazy like April 2018. I wish i had something to attribute to it like sickness, pregnancy but nada. I am literally in hibernating mode more so that it has been raining cats and dogs over the past two weeks causing havoc and floods everywhere. May be i should have taken a vacation to the Coast, the only sunny paradise in this ‘Tsunami.’

If this ain’t laziness, then define it for me:

Twice i have accepted to review authors drafts of their new books but i haven’t even peeped to see their titles leave alone peruse the pages.

Twice am lagging behind in the monthly book club books. In March we were doing “The Cockroach dance” by Meja Mwangi and been the club’s hero to the rescue (like only in my area that bookshops had the book so almost everyone was sending me a copy), i am still at page 100 something of the 300 something pages. Like have you ever struggled to read a book and all you do is sleep and hey, the book ain’t boring but sleep has become my new hobby. This month we doing “The Underground RailRoad” by Colson and chic hasn’t started. I keep telling myself i got this, i will read and not appear like the lost sheep next meeting which happens to be on 3rd May.

A month i haven’t logged in to WordPress. A month guys like who abandons their bae for a month? Me. Well you see WI-FI opened every other site apart from WordPress and i thought maybe someone hacked it. Then i told mother nature this was a sign to take a break and not think too much of what to write next. Then today it just logged in and am here…

Months i haven’t watched any new movies or series. Remember i was the guru in this but these days all i tell people when they ask what is out or awaiting its release is “nimerust” translating to …..well i don’t know how to do Sheng-English translation but that the slang they use when one can’t do something they loved doing. The funny part is i have been repeating old junk!

For weeks i haven’t got the energy to make long distance walks like just moving here and there searching for things. Many are the times after finishing errands i would take time and explore new upcoming ventures like stores, hotels, supermarkets….it is like am comfortable with the ones i know.

However, despite all this am celebrating one major achievement this month. I told myself this is the year i overcome my fears and learn new things. Take swimming for instance. I always feared drowning and it took me one day’s lesson to not drown. Yey guys she can swim, float, open her eyes in the pool and she got stunts! My trainer even said he has never seen one learn so fast. Confidence is key. When i got into that pool, i told me that am coming out of it a winner and been swimming a lot lately. Never mind the weather, where i am it is sunny most afternoons.

The other happy thing to get to my email was Michelle Knight’s other book. A trip down memory lane to Finding me, the only book that had the iron lady in me go teary. If you’ve read it then you must have asked what happened after that. Well, “Life After Darkness : Finding Healing and Happiness After Cleveland Kidnappings” is out and i can’t wait to get on it. This title actually comes when this laziness thing makes me feel as if I’ve been living in darkness.

It is the high time to find that happiness that always resonates in me. Time to kick the laziness away.

How do you do it? Like how do you find the energy to keep laziness at bay?