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Check up 127

48.65kg from 46.6kg from 45 from 43! My body has FINALLY started accepting weight gain since forever. I’ve never been this close to 50kg, my dream weight! All in a span of one year.

Should I even celebrate? This is a major WIN. Having been under 45kg for so long, 2020 listened. It is happening. 😪. And the shocking factor is that it didn’t decline from 46 which is a problem for me, maintaining weight.

Maybe it’s the bananas that I swore to never eat as a child that have been doing the talking in my smoothies. (This is the year I started eating ripe bananas). Or the fact that for two months haven’t hit the road for my usual 10km runs. Could it also be because I’ve been inactive even in hiking?

Whichever the cause, let’s maintain it at that. Promised myself to never be under 45kg. So yea, you can drop slightly but first let’s get to 50 and enjoy the moment while it lasts.