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Should I? Can I?Will I? Travel or Not?

Let’s be real, let’s be honest…

Back in the days I used to dream of the beautiful, magical areas endowed in each country, each continent. In my dreams I would envision myself hoping from city to city, bellowing dust out of my vintage ride that would have been purchased from Cuba or enduring the marauding winds riding dirty on some classical BMW motorcycle that would have been bought from a cowboy ranch owner.

But then again my dreams did not shutter only that importing an old school vehicle into my country would be a dream! Thank God for Concurs D’Elegance I continued dreaming. The only thing that stood between me and my dreams was MONEY.

Here I was thinking of how much I would spend on local touring leave alone crossing borders. I was saving yes, but what was I saving for? Was I just working my ass off and not having ME time? Yes. I was constantly worrying of everyone else. My mum needs that, I need to step in for my dad, act like a big sister and help your brothers blah blah. Not that reaching out was a bad thing but hey it seems I was not going to spoil myself silly.

So I was still dreaming, telling myself that one day I would be rich and then go out to these places. But what is been rich? I would ask myself. If money defined richness then Bill Gates, Richard Virgin would have long paused in their missions after hitting the billion mark, but did they?

I slowly started getting it. Good health,peace of mind, happiness, love, friendships, God beside me, family defined richness. I was blessed. What was stopping me? ME. And here is the jinx. You save, plan then a little voice in you tells you that the money you about to squander can be used to buy new attires to fill up your closet, top up your unit fund, open a small business….

Well, all that makes sense, right? When are you ready to explore, meet other cultures, make new friends, add more lingo to your list and do crazy interesting things for yourself? Is it when white hair starts sparkling in your head? When? I noticed if you sit and say you will travel one day, it might never happen. That’s the fucking truth! Learn to live in the moment.

Something in me has beautifully shifted. I have a renewed strength, a hope that I will get everything I want and more. I am inspired to work harder so I can make more money and take myself to destinations I only dream about.

Use your money to do something big for yourself, something you would not usually do. It might not make financial sense but it will ultimately change you. I promise.