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Justice for Noura

And then i was ten years old with a pen and paper at hand, i had graduated from the pencil to ink. I was excited, wrote non stop just to get that unique beautiful handwriting that would forever be my trademark. Pens made me look like a grown up but still i was that player bundle of joy getting used to climbing trees and following boys around.

They (other classmates) called me a carnivorous at this age and i  remember that was my first bully experience if only i knew what bullying meant. I didn’t know that some witchcraft happened in the name of blood going for days and even how that pad looked like leave alone wear it was so unknown. At sixteen years, things started falling into place at high school where only big dreams mattered. I want to be a doctor no a neuro surgeon with a red car then chemistry and physics happened! The former were thrashed but the latter we still sojourning on.

That was the life of an ordinary girl who didn’t know other girls at  her age wished they were in her shoes. DEPRIVATION happened and now i know better.

Who even says that marital rape is legal? A beg if i don’t feel like spreading it wide and feeling the sweetness in the name sex, then no is no. But no is a yes in Sudan where Noura, sixteen years has been sentenced to death by hanging just because she defended herself by killing her husband who used to rape her.

Noura was married off and her life was cut short. In the name of submitting, her relatives aided in holding her hands so that the new husband could taste his fresh, juicy young wife who had adamantly refused to give in. Enough was enough and the second time he came for it she killed him.

This is a case that has got me and i bet almost everyone sad. How does ten become the legal age marriage in Sudan? Since when did we have ruthless laws that continue to punish innocent souls who want to soar high? Has greed become this much that we disrespect young girls who do not even know anything about marriage leave alone sex? Did backward culture take over living? Why do African countries continue to live in vicious cycles that make it look so bad? Can’t these laws be reversed? Can Noura have her freedom?