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Check up 111

We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

George Floyd didn’t die so you can loot, destroy businesses and cause chaos. Is this how you honor him? In the ongoing pandemic where we are all struggling financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, finding ways to revive our hustles, it is very unfair to destroy someone’s livelihood. What has central business districts got to do with police brutality? Why do you attack people protecting their stores from vandalism?

Americans can do better. Stop behaving like fools and address the issue at hand. Am glad to spot Sheriff’s joining protesters, excited to see hundreds of volunteers cleaning debris, agree with legislators when they say the black community doesn’t want to hear more of ‘we shall pass this law or we hear you. We will ammend this or that,’ enough of promises, more of action. More so, am jubilant when it becomes a global concern that arouses nations to humanity. And when a friend tells you she is glad she is in Kenya and not in the US, her home of many years, you feel relieved.

Lastly, cabin fever, boredom, depression, hunger can be blamed for what we seeing in the protests. It’s like everyone waited for that spark, to ignite fire. We were at a pause mode in a Rona film and the director shouted, take two, action! All are out. Not all are genuine. Stay safe. Get the justice you deserve but don’t be a Covidiot.

Kindly, do me a favor come November. Kick the hell out of Trump by voting wisely.


PS: Today is Madaraka day here in Kenya. Frankly, this government is tiring. The 2022 games begun. One that isn’t even juicy but salty. The only thing Kenyans are waiting for is if the cessation and curfews will end come next week. That is our primary concern. The rest we don’t care.