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Piece of Peace

Today we join the world in marking International Peace Day. Celebrated every 21st September, peace can mean a lot of things in our lives. Let’s coin it from the normal UN definition.  For some of us war, clashes between ethnic groups has been our daily meal and this day marks that all this needs to end! We need to sit down, come up with strategies, policies and good decisions to create peace.

For others been in a bad relationship full of hatred, bad luck and heavy war zone between the mind and heart all you need is a piece of peace today. So yes go for that dose.

For others remembering Nobel Peace Prize winners will be the key thing or nominating that one individual who has dedicated their works to promoting peace among nations, societies and communities. Who are you celebrating today?

For others been at Holy peace is what they need. Getting closer to God for He is the peace provider by defeating the devil’s war is their goal. The Bible has depicted places of war for instances the plagues, the Israelite’s in Egypt, the reigns of Kings who were at war not forgetting Jesus himself was at war with non-believers. However, in all this peace verses are in plenty. Have a look at them here:

For others, you are at war with yourself. Indecisive decisions, not achieving your set goals, doing vice-versa of what is intended to be done and all you need to do is listen to your inner being. Breath in and out and let peace prevail.

For others who are development minded, working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on Building Blocks for Peace is what drives nations at large. As we implement structures, infrastructure, laws name them; are we using the favorable blocks to drive peace?

For others, been in groups, forums and movements promoting peace shall be their main agenda today. As a member of Peace Ambassadors Kenya, my colleges are in Tanzania for a youth exchange programme on peace. Whichever way your group is promoting peace today, let the impact not only be felt today but for other years to come.

So how are you celebrating this day?

Happy International Peace Day




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