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Online Celebs

With the social media hype you probably have noticed some “celebs” online who maybe wanna fake it till they make it or who wanna be on another level that they can’t even reach. Lemme classify them:

  • The Quasi-Famous

They assume that because the video/ blog etc. got some high number of views, means everyone they come across has seen it. They bore us to death with the “have you seen my video, have you read my blog?” What if i don’t wanna look at it?

  • The Number Dropper

This one cannot go through an entire convo without talking about their social media numbers and huge following. If you haven’t beaten Kylie Jenner a beg, take your wahalla and go!

  • The Powerful Threatener

They expect perfect service be it in a hotel, club etc. and when they don’t receive it, they pull out their “I’m famous on the internet” badge and say things like “I’ll bust you on my blog.” Trust you me, no matter how many people know you, BEHAVE! Ain’t gonna treat you special.

  • The Brand

People who take the idea of himself as brand to heart that they are always doing the thing they are known for no matter how ridiculous they come off. Lemme come closer home where during the August elections, Githeri man trended. Now imagine everyday him walking with his githeri to represent who he is! Absurd.

  • The Revolutionary

They are cool, brilliant and take themselves seriously except you cannot chit chat without them using heavy words. I guess they learning new vocabulary via the internet and think they can scare us? Please, we used to jargon.

  • The Mismatched

They are known for been loud online only to meet them and know they wallflowers who look uncomfortable being where they are. They also live a lie by creating storms and claiming to be elsewhere while in deed you’ve been with them all day! *Sigh

  • The Pioneer

You can’t tell them shit as they believe all the great ideas on the internet originated from their mind. They are prone to quote themselves from time to time or create memes of their own “deep words.”

Ref: I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi