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Reclaiming Feminine Divine

We the women/whose praises go unsung/whose voices go unheard

This one made me do a happy dance. For starters that prose was magical. Who does that? Self love, self acceptance, feminism, privilege Olympics, marriage bar, aching chasm are some of the themes explored deeply in here as Bernadine takes one through women characters who seem to have a lot in common. More so, the intro made me go gugu gaga:

For the sisters&the sistas&the sistahs&the sistren&the women&the womnx&the wimmin&the womyn&our brethren&our bredrin&our brother&our bruvs&our men&our mandem&the LGBTQ+members of the human family

Loss, betrayal, sexual abuse, love, racism, abandonment issues, shuttered self-esteem in a patriarchal world seems to engulf these women who must stand tall and fight for their rights, for their culture, for their emotions and transition magically into who they want to be. Reclaiming the feminine divine. The LGBTQ community is well represented calling for freedom from limiting expectations, crying for social inclusion. “We have to find a new discourse for discussing inequality.”

Humor, reunions and teary moments left me shelving this as a favourite this year. 5⭐It is DOPE! The Last Amazon of Dahomey play is something I would love to see in a theatre near me. Yazz+ the Unfuckwithables crew, Amma, Bummi, Morgan, LaTisha, Bibi and Winsome were my favourite characters.