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The Future is not ours to see. Que Serà, Serà- Doris Day

STOP! I see you. Reflecting of what 2020 should have been. The goals you could have accomplished. The life you ought to have lived. The miles you should have covered. Scratching the only hair left as you ponder for 2021 resolutions. Worried if you will live to make it.

What happens next? You whisper to the wind that it may blow off these words to a vacuum that may respond. Problem is, no one responds. You have to figure it out in one day before the crossover happens because it’s culture to have a plan. A plan for the future that is so bleak. Plan Aikido like Professor in Money Heist.

Frankly, we’ve all had a tough year. For some it was the worst of all while others this wasn’t even bad at all. Balance. However, if you made it through trust me you can survive anything this life offers. Stop panicking. Do away with comparison. Most importantly, breath.

What we can take from 2020 is that the pandemic proved we are all in the same storm. One that requires us to be kind to each other moving forward. Love fiercely, give cheerfully, laugh deeply.

Que Serà, Serà. Whatever will be, will be. There’s an order to things, a plan. And everything that happens is part of it.

See you on the other side. Happy 2021!