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Forest Conservation

“Trees are living symbols of peace and hope. A tree has roots in the soil yet reaches to the sky. It tells us that in order to aspire we need to be grounded, and that no matter how high we go it is from our roots that we draw sustenance.” Unbowed-Wangari Mathai

A vicious cycle exists here where drought continues to pinch hard on the poor and the rains bring forth floods. It’s as if nothing good ever comes out of some places and as we look where to point our fingers at, we rarely look at the three fingers pointing back at us. Deforestation, logging, dumping, poaching and many more are the root causes to our environment degradation. Climate change has outdone the traditional weatherman who  could comfortably foretell when the next rains would pour down. Gone are the days when one would depend on rain-fed agriculture and as young farmers like me crave for the practice, we saving up for greenhouses and water pipes to blossom our crops.

Remember when road trips used to be fun with all the forest canopy and now you can clearly see through them! No, we won’t blame the Kenya Forest Services as claims surface on them leasing out land to individuals neither shall i clap my hands for the three month log ban because what happens after the days have depleted? Moreover, i shall not go preaching that charcoal ban in Kitui should carry on and that we need to burn down cars ferrying them.  I always say that we rush  at the last minute but better late than never, right?

Today is International Forest Day and Kenyans lately have been planting trees like a routine. Am happy that the efforts of Wangari Mathai are not going into drain, finally we have seen the light! So many invites from marathons to just joining a group to plant trees are hitting my inbox. It has become the A thing and if you ain’t doing it, then you ain’t loyal.

goes down tomorrow. Ride along
mark you calendar for this too

My plea is that the practice never fades: we will find a way to combat drought and floods, shun away dumping aimlessly, protect the environment like a new born baby, educate communities on environment conservation and do more advocacy. I need back the green lands filled with different trees and varieties of bird species chirping in unison. I need back the traditional foretell of rain by the village heads. I need back the shade when the sun scorches us mercilessly.  I need back the cool fresh air to breath in. I need back wild animals in their natural habitats. I need back the clean plenty water in taps without rationing. I need back educated people who are not driven by greed in taking care of the environment. I need back food security where people  do not have to die each year. I need back laws that are thorough and unforgiving. I need back more fighters like Wangari Mathai. I need back a country that puts it environment first before anything else.

What do you need back?

Make it a habit to protect your forests. Go plant trees today.