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Check up 116

The good, bad and ugly happened. Where do I even start? The good to start off in a jovial mood, the bad to feel pity on my sorry ass or the ugly that left me marred?

The Bad
The number of teenage pregnancies has hit rock bottom. Many are the times I’ve talked about it here but what has happened in a span of three months has left me speechless. Simply, don’t want to talk about it. Don’t know who is to blame these days: thirsty men who prey on girls, poverty that makes many sell their bodies for cash, society that has failed its parenting duty, justice that has refused to come up with harsh punishments, idleness that has led to the devil’s workshop, too much exposure…blah blah. Could go on and on but my yapping will do no good. Pointing fingers will not solve anything. In fact I need your say on these. Tips. How to help. How you handling this. Anything before I forever hold my peace.

The Good
Miss Rona halted major plans. In fact she has been laughing at our goals with the ” who’s laughing now” slogan. She fucked EVERYONE big time. However, am here to tell her to her fucking face that we don’t give up easily. Did you hear that or should I shout for the backbenchers?

You see when you are rendered unemployed, go on unpaid leave or your business closes doors you have to think outside the box. Either have a crying phase where you blame anything and everything or shape up. Depression is not my portion! There are industries that are still going on about their businesses if you are an observer. One of them is the construction industry. Hospitals are going up to cater for the high number of Missy’s patients, schools are expanding facilities to resume learning with the right number per class, roads are now under full time maintenance with governments rush hour manifestos, services like water and sanitation are now under full surveillance. You can be of service either by asking for employment or providing services to them.

Long story short, approached the engineers of a certain site and am proudly providing breakfast (10am) and lunch (1pm) for their employees. Never been in the catering industry but been learning in my new job together with my friend whom we’ve partnered. Monday to Sunday has become the new normal. Am grateful. Excited for the next months.

My body accepted to add weight. That’s the other 411 that has got me elated. One day, I’ll write about weight gain struggles for small bodies. Any who, am a typical 5’1 who has never crossed the 45kg mark. Got the appetite of a pig that has never manifested itself 😂😂😂. Flat tummy is me. Lady luck has finally obliged by knocking at my door and has been warmly received. 43-45 as at January 2020. 46.4 as at May and 47.2 as at July. Still my body hasn’t changed a bit! There is no manual as to how it came to be. No pills, no special diet, nothing. It’s a dream I gave up on but seems the year might end having achieved 50kg goal of a lifetime. Fingers crossed.

The Ugly
Pets are not your regular friendly babies. They are mishaps in waiting. That I have come to realize. Who wants cats? I got 5. I hear Ksh 500, Ksh 1000…going once…July started with a burn accident. Hot oil spilled on my right hand around the wrist area. I was in hell for hours and only cold water cooled my nerves. This is my first major burn as an adult as the other scar I have is around my stomach that I got as a toddler when a pot with boiling water capsized on me. Talk of been an active child😅.

Had my fair share of needles, medications and waiting to see how this unfolds🙏🏼. Am even thinking of getting inked near this scar.

Stay safe.