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Mombasa Valentine Escape-Tamu Tamu

When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. Abandon your spoon eating habits and use your hands. Lick those fingers because pepper has never been so good. Devour that bone or crush that cassava like your hunger depends on it. Let the ice cold juices calm your thirst as the street coffee sends your throat to another universe.

Mombasa foods, snacks and drinks never disappoint! And when you leave, there is always that one week urge to look out for Swahili dishes joints to reminisce. Breakfast in Mombasa is served early. And by early I mean if you wake up past 8:00am you might not find that good Mahamri, Viazi Karai and Bhajia with a sprinkle of Mkwaju. Forget tea, bread or whatever you consume in your usual mornings. Here, if these are lacking, then it is not breakfast. Lunch is either fish, coconut rice, coconut beans, pojo, pilau or biryani. Oooh most joints have ripe bananas that customers pick to complement their meals. Forget that white cake (Ugali), African kienyeji, fries or that common mix that has everything and anything. Live the Swahili way while it lasts. Snacking is sweet. If it does not come with the ‘pilipili’ combo is it not mouthwatering. And if it is not fried, crunchy or passed through Swahili cooking rituals then it is a fail.

Street coffee served in Omani cups