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Flower Speaketh

via Daily Prompt: Pluck

A flower, flourishing in the middle of a desert thanks to the short rains that remembered to rain in this part of the Sahara. I have been sprouting for ages now but each month they come and pluck me out. Last time a camel almost swallowed me whole but i think i wasn’t sweet enough as it proceeded to the horizon. I do not know if am the first of my kind, if i had parents from which i came from or even siblings that surrounded me. All i know is that am sick of this sand that keeps on sneezing its dirt towards me. Hachuuu i think i got a cold.

My energy has been sucked up by bzzzzing creatures that keep on bzzzzing, flapping, bzzziiing, flapping till its belly is full. Then there is another so beautiful with so many colors that make me think I’ve met my creator. It almost resembles those colors up high when it rains. However, my reason for plucking is the reason as to why humans crossing over here continue to pluck me.

They always seem to be in worry. Their saddened faces always have two formation of a flowing river that seems to be overflowing. They pick me up from the ground that really hurts like someone who decided to defecate after constipation. Give me a long stare as if they found their solutions to their problems. One by one they pluck my petals and with each pluck they have a tale attached to it.

Why do i have to be poor? Why can’t i settle down? Why can’t i rescue myself from this slavery? Why did he hurt me? Why can’t i be happy? Why can’t i provide for my family? All the whys have made me wonder if why is a person. To some they pluck my blinding petals with vengeance? She will know me! They will pay for it. They will rot in hell. With the thunder in their voice, they make me shake literally and scream at the rate they throw me away as if am that ugly! Oooh and how they tear me apart bleeds to my sepals.

But there are the chosen few who pluck me with a bright smile as if i got pollinated. They are always tossing me like a baby celebrating. With a pluck they shout to love, to happiness, to wealth, to health, to life as if they won all the endless lottery challenges and always stops with a yuhuuuu.

I have been contemplating that there exists positive and negative forces that lead to my plucking. For a reason i know i cause relief to humans but wish i could speak back when they talk and shout at me.

Whatever the hurdles, there is always a booming season waiting for us to be quenched and satisfied. We only need to pluck the unwanted to see ahead.

Why do you pluck me?