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Corona’s hype and downfall

Title: Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures.
Author: Karina Reiss & Sucharit Bhakdi
Published: June 2020
Genre: Nonfiction, Science
My GR rate: 4/5
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This one spoke my mind in so many angles. First of all lockdown was/is a gigantic mistake countries made that cannot justify any possible benefits.

Secondly, the media and politicians played/continues to play a huge role in distorting information. Human dignity vs human life. Can you balance one against the other?

Thirdly, correlation does not imply causation.

Fourthly, since when can a government decide how and when a pandemic ends? 

Fifthly, no lab test can give 100% correct results.

Sixth, stay at home isn’t the solution. Get as much fresh air and activity as possible. Seventh, whether the virus is deadly depends less on the virus and more on the patients overall state of health.

The book delves deeper to mind boggling facts like lab created pandemic, what is a corona virus death? Breaching of the first rule of infectiology in the necessity to differentiate between infection and infectious disease. To how international medical guidelines were violated. Pros and cons guides one into countries that did well to those that failed terribly.

It is an eye opener that hits hard with facts and figures proving that after all fear, panic, anxiety was unnecessary stirred. It was/is a fiasco in the making that lacks reliable evidence.