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This is not your ordinary fluffy pancakes. Talk of two ingredients pancakes considered to be gluten and dairy free. Where have I been? Bumped into a cooking show on the Television and was in awe because am starting to love bananas and never would I imagine using them with just eggs to make pancakes! ‘Hold up, are you kidding me, are you for real’ was the only blabbering I did. Well, decided to try it out.


4 ripe bananas

2 eggs

*Flipping mastery skills😉 and patience are needed. 🤔


  1. Peel the bananas and mash them
  2. On a separate bowl beat the eggs
  3. Mix the ingredients in a big bowl to a thick paste
  4. Hit your non stick pan with oil/butter under low heat
  5. Scoop your mixture in small bits for ease when flipping and drop it into the pan. Let it cook till it bubbles and that golden brown color is achieved. The edges should be crispy
  6. Use a thin spatula to flip it gently. Here is where your skill is tested. The flour maniacs will testify that we need flour to keep everything intact (The first two failed and almost thought I was joking to even make them but kept on trying)
  7. When done, serve them with your favourite toppings like berries, coriander, lettuce or your preferred morning hot drink.

NB:// The pancakes are sugary thanks to the bananas which might not be good for someone who lacks a sweet tooth. More so, the taste is like that of banana scones. However, if you’re in the weight gain movement they come in handy for those calories.