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Blue pools for who?

There are no blue pools at Ngare Ndare! Come fight me.

Let me tell you Maina, back in 2018 (29th September) I went for this trip to the Goat Waters, Maa for Ngare Ndare. Excitement was me to see the famous natural blue pools that were hitting Facebook left,right and center. Little did I know that was editing doing the talking. Heh! Disappointment took a toll that I never shared that post.

Flash forward, this UNESCO Heritage with lush forest cover and wildlife is a must go for everyone. Been the main corridor between Mount Kenya and Lewa Conservancy, the journey to get here is long but beautiful as one gets to transverse Counties while enjoying scenic views.

Upon arrival, an hour’s hike led us through dusty paths where shade was provided in plenty by old trees. The first stop was across a river that provided picturesque moments before ascending a hill that led into the forest through a steep set of wooden steps.

The thunder of a waterfall welcomed us to the first of many that are found here and because of time (kindly camp) we only did one. The 15 meter high cliff with water flowing to a rock pool was magical only that it wasn’t blue 😂🤣😅. Here we did what every adrenaline junkie does when the opportunity of a river represents itself, swimming.

We hit the trail later to discover the longest canopy walk in East Africa. Rising 10 meters above the ground, the 450 meters long walk above and through canopies of highest trees is breathtaking. If lucky, spotting of elephants below you would be magical. The walk ended on a wooden platform 30ft high that provided the needed rest. The highlight of it all was doing it when the sun was setting and when darkness engulfed us, it created an exciting aura back to where the vehicles were parked.

PS: Used Mufasa Travels for their services. If you ever spot the blue pools, let me know and settle this squarely 😁.