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Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future

Left brain thinking used to be the driver and right brain thinking the passage. Not anymore! We no longer need knowledge workers: the kind that get paid for putting to work what one learns in school rather than for their physical strength or manual skill. We have progressed from an agriculture age to a conceptual age in the 21st Century where creators and sympathizers-pattern recognizer and meaning makers are needed. We will need to supplement our well developed high tech with abilities that are high concept and touch. High touch been the ability to empathize, understand the subtleties of human interactions to find joy in oneself and to elicit it in others and to stretch it beyond the quotidian, in pursuit of purpose and meaning. On the other hand, high concept is the ability to create artistic and emotional beauty, to detect patterns and opportunity, to craft a satisfying narrative and to combine unrelated ideas into a novel invention.
How will we get there? The book goes in-depth on the six senses which are:
  1. design-create something beautiful and emotionally engaging.
  2. story-communication, persuasion and self-understanding.
  3. symphony-seeing the bigger picture, crossing boundaries and being able to combine disparate pieces into an arresting new whole.
  4. empathy-Forging relationships and caring for others.
  5. play-too much sobriety is bad for career that is why we need to play at times. All work and no play made Jackie a dull girl..right?
  6. meaning-purpose, transcendence and spiritual fulfillment.
These drivers are the key to right directed thinking and don’t you think it’s the time for that? The 6 are further fulfilled by how-to and examples.
It is an eye opener book more so in a generation where right directive style is taking shape and the old can no longer fathom what is happening therefore insisting on left thinking.
Where are you? A left brainer or right brainer?