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No Go Zones

As much as we love to visit our relatives there are turn offs that make us keep on postponing our visits and the only time we get to see each other are in those united get together. In my case as a 26Yo in a house with adults I don’t expect someone to be interrupting TV time with lectures.” Ooh that program is not educating you at all…ooh you should watch educative programs,” and in my mind I scream a big FUCK OFF! With that ATT I scare so many that am really knowledgeable as I debate those international matters arising to the local crap and any other educative issue you want to hear about. Not every day is an empowerment time. When girl wants to catch up with some KKs or see the drama with WAGS and the now Platinum life coz me love some Lola and Asiah please spare her some tough talk. That talk should have happened when I was a teen but since you were never there to see my liking in life this is not the platform to ruin my moods. Yes TV rules made me hate your home. You got something to say?

Girl, am hardworking that putting that lazy act makes me feel itchy. Am a clean freak and I hate dust occupying my space. That is when you see me doing all the dishes, laundry to major house cleaning and assume the domestic manager or is it house help has come to the rescue. No. So when my visiting days turn to loads of work I don’t take that lightly as I leave your houses donkey tired! Am coming to visit, not work and that shifted me to NO MORE.

Rudeness, harshness and tough acting never saved anyone. It made them worse. When I see some of you throw shade to family members or even your own broods it scares the bejesus out of me. How then do we interact with all the tension? Then am thrown in the middle as a messenger to vouch them out. You see some chill pills never caused death and I would gladly describe some dosage to all. Until the prescription is done and over with, I stay in my zone.

I have literally told my dad to never come home late and by late I mean past 11pm! Unless I got a series/movie/book that has occupied my mind I would happily open the door for you. If not, you might as well sleep outside because me trying to get my beauty sleep is more important than opening doors for drunk husbands. And then there is the thing that comes with going to the kitchen AGAIN! Some of you need to get watchmen since opening gates past midnight is scary as a gun point robbery. I need sober minds, till then am OUT.

I hated and still hate exams. The manner in which some of you ask questions makes me want to write a Q&A book so that whenever you need answers, you got a thing to refer to. Oooh why are you not eating? Why haven’t you seen this? Why haven’t you gone there? Why, why, why are you asking me all this?? Do you know how much it drives me crazy to answer the same ques to almost every eavesdropper, passerby and gossiper around? Life is an examination itself and by looking at me, I bet you got the answers already. No more.

Lastly, can we keep our sanity to ourselves? This manner of sanctifying everything isn’t cool at all! We all come from different creeds and if one day I wake up as an atheist, Muslim, Hindu or pagan let me deal with my demons. You do one act and they there quoting God this, Jesus that, Bible there. First of all, am the rebellious type but that not many have realized. I question everything even Faith itself. Till am done getting answers, I keep OFF.

What made you stop visiting your relatives?