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TOTD: SuperPowers

There are times I look at society, how people treat each other and how they extend that to the knowns and unknowns. However, there are the chosen evil who never want any peace prevailing and it is at that moment I wish I had some form of superpowers. Not to be the batman, spiderman kind of hero but to teach a lesson to them for the betterment of their lives. From that, the power can easily leave them as they change. Do you ever wish for superpowers?

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Emotional Eva

Lately I have realised am becoming too emotional. I don’t know where that came from since yours truly is one hardcore bitch! Whenever am watching a movie/series and there is that cry, hurt moment I always have this balancing tears leave alone reading a book or listening to some shenanigans.

Funny enough I find myself craving for ice cream or chocolates😂😂 things I detest. For starters, I hate sugar. Secondly, I like my chocolate in cakes or hot cocoa drink. Plus this thing has its way of fuelling one’s crimson wave during the month like some hurricane. As for ice cream, if there is one part I love in my body apart from my tummy are my teeth. I can’t stand the icy sensitivity on my black filled molars. Then that mucho feeling with bae ever happens then we shall scoop each others cream and spoil ourselves silly. Talking of spoiling, the other thing I intend to use ice cream for is leg over.

Maybe your lady is maturing to a human where feelings need to be felt but damn I got to put my shit together. Back then nothing stood in my way, staying put and been in the mandem was me. More so, I used to laugh at the emotional wondering why they could never put their act hand in hand. Look at me having a dose of my own medicine and been all miss mouse so meek and mild.

Some will say it’s a phase, to others I needed to fit in their shoes and the rest will claim am in a situation ship with a guy. Am I? (Psss…Eva are you falling in love?) Back to my animations, comedy, action and lil drama to juice my life. Ooh not forgetting my CNN and hip hop music. Those am sure never made me get teary.

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I’ve been thinking that at the time we have to be single, is really the time we have to get good at been alone but how good at been alone do we really want to be? Isn’t there a danger that you will get so good at been single, so set in your ways that you will miss out on the chance to be with somebody great? Some people take baby steps to settle down, some people refuse to settle at all. Sometimes it’s not statistics it’s just chemistry and sometimes just because it’s over doesn’t mean the love ends. The thing about been single is you should cherish it because in a week or a lifetime of been alone you may only get one moment. One moment when you are not tied up in a relationship with anyone; a parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend. One moment when you stand on your own, really truly single. And then, it’s gone!

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Why are we always blaming the devil for negative forces, mishaps and bad luck in our lives?

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Hustle May

Am still coming into terms that am done with school for now. In case you wondering a week ago i finished my 8-4-4 system. I did my last exams last week and as excited as one can be by finishing a chapter in their life, there are these butterflies that constantly ask “what next?”

First of all the thought of boring lectures, hard core exams, twisted CATs and assignments is a breather. However,  WI-FI, library, friends, clubs and hangouts will be terribly missed. It was not all rosy because in my first semester i had already loathed school. Reason been having finished my diploma luck was on my side and i got myself a good job but like any other tough parent would do, they did not encourage it. Me in my 20, leaving far away from home, working and then the dream of having my degree would disappear into thin air. That was what they thought.

Obediently though halfheartedly i enrolled for my degree and with each passing day i counted for its end. Not till i realized that each moment has its day, work or no work, i had to accomplish the task before me. The long journey began, with its lows and highs. Side hustles, volunteering which have been in me since time in memorial made me cherish every bit of life.

Break time is up and have to gear myself into logical thinking. Employment does not come on a silver platter and the rule is either be employed or become the employer. As i ponder on the route to channel my life now that am feeling like a free bird, work hard, play hard is and will always be my favorite quote. May are you ready for me?

Yes, i came, i saw and  conquered it all. Congratulations to me. Time for real hustle.