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Students Stand Up

Last week at Douglas High School in Florida a shooter whom court files claim to be mentally ill while his adoptive parents claim he ‘was trying to fit in,’ opened fire killing 17 students. This comes as another wake up about gun laws in America and some gun owners have gone further to destroy their arms. What is saddening is the fact that State lawmakers diverted their attention to porn as a health risk rather than have that talk.

A week later, students are fed up. The #StudentsStandUp movement has had everyone even me Kenyan impressed by it. I live in a country where guns are owned by bodyguards, police, soldiers, cattle herders, thieves and some politicians.  In fact when riffles are found to be in the arms of cattle rustlers a campaign was initiated where they willingly handed them over to the government for security purposes. Now am trying to imagine if one day a law was passed and majority of African countries were allowed to have guns. Trust me it would be chaos in here!

The only violence with students I have heard here is bullying, burning down dormitories with students in them and recently Jamhuri high scared us to death with religious differences leading to some stabbing. Yes knives! Now imagine what a gun can do! It doesn’t matter the age, who and who should acquire them but what are they for anyway?

It is the high time we started listening to our children. They are the future and they see things in a better way than us. They can aid in implementing these screwed laws we got.

Today at 12pm my local timing (better switch it on), CNN will grace us with what students demand, what lawmakers and the President will have to say. No, teachers having guns is not an option. Spare us the sarcasm. Action starts now and I champion for it.

Florida, Kenya is watching. I am watching. Am with you. Together let’s support them.