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Throwback Cinemas

And it is movieeee time yipeee…no we ain’t watching one, we talking about CINEMAS. HUH! YEAH..C to the I to the N to the E to the M to the A to the S…got it? Right. Until recently i knew only of Anga Imax, Fox Cineplex Sarit Center, Century Cinema-Junction, Prestige Cinema, Westgate Cinema, Anga Sky Cinema, Anga Mega Cinema- Kisumu and Nyali Cinemax -Mombasa. Well those are the ones at least i know of thanks to the back pages of newspaper advertisement (yea i still prefer my paper hard copy, ain’t no millennial!)

Wakanda prompted this discussion with my papa and i still insist if you haven’t watched Black Panther, go now! Not that i went to the cinema with him but been the doting parent who loves keeping tabs on his only daughter, i got to explain what Lupita was doing in the movie plus what it all entailed. You see, even the old want to be thrilled too.  When all the narration was done, he talked me through their dates with mama of course. They went to see the Titanic back in 1998 at the Nairobi Cinema and he won a blue t-shirt and you can guess how cute, rare it was for them to sing in unison that the house help stole it after laundry! (Thieving didn’t start yesterday with domestic workers. I hope it is now torn wherever she took it to.)

Am a good child (i know just emphasizing), a keen listener (to certain stuff) and note taker (i was handed a foolscap to write) because as we were taking a trip down memory lane, he mentioned other Cinemas that used to exist. And they had class too!

High Class

  1. 20th Century or commonly referred as Anga Imax found along Mama Ngina Street.
  2. Kenya Cinema situated at Moi Avenue opposite KTDA.
  3. Nairobi Cinema- Uchumi House, Aga Khan walk.

Middle Class

  1. Cameo at Kenyatta Avenue near Bank of India and Macmillan Library.
  2. Globe Cinema located at the famous Globe roundabout.
  3. Shan Cinema at Ngara on your way to Equity roundabout near Ngara post office.
  4. Odeon Cinema found between the junction of Tom Mboya street and Latema road.
  5. Embassy Cinema on Latema road.

Low Class

  1. Casino- near casino clinic off river road.
  2. ABC- located at Koinange stage off Ronald Ngara Street heading towards Kamukunji.
  3. Suncity- at Eastleigh section 3.
  4. Eastlands- Found at Makadara off Jogoo road near Uhuru market.
  5. Pangani- (papa couldn’t recall the name) found near Pangani shopping center and currently used as a set book theater. My man thinks it is Sarakasi Dome. Is it?
  6. Dandora- at Dandora estate there was one too. As for the name we scratching our heads off.

To hell with the 3 category, what i want back is the Drive in/ Outdoor Cinemas. I thought they existed in movies but did you know you could go park, sit in your cars as you watched movies on large mounted screens? Mamamia! This i want. Now i wish i was born in the…. (nah am not about to reveal my parents age) but these two served that purpose:

  1. Drive In- the famous one along Thika Superhighway , Survey.
  2. Bell view- Off Mombasa road.

This is not the end of the list, there were many more and if you think you can remember or your parents can do the honor for you, drop them right here at the comment section. We love  old school and what a better way than to be informed of the changes we never witnessed.