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Wanjacia the half man

Near River Chania there lived a village called Githiru where three brothers lived. They were hunters who depended on what they caught. One day they came across an antelope, chased it but it went into the deep forest. They pursued it until they came across a strange man: one sided, with one hand, one foot, one leg, one eye, one nose, half a head and half a body. The man was Wanjacia. He alerted the brothers that they had trespassed his forest, so they would not come out of it.

They begged him that they would take an oath to vow never to return and would give him rewards if he let them go. They were also to promise that they wouldn’t tell a soul of of seeing half a man. An agreement was reached and they were shown where the antelope was hiding, killed it and went home. Three days  had elapsed and at home everyone asked why they took so many days only to catch one animal.

Their grandmother confronted the younger brother who spilled the beans. That night, the younger one slept in between his two brothers. Wanjacia came, cut him into half. Next morning the two brothers found their brother looking like the half man and knew he had told their secret. The two sides were thrown away into the bush. The following night sleepers heard a voice singing;

Wanjacia, Wanjacia Kamanandi

You have carried me on your back

With threads from the Miaritha bark

Eh huu, a heavy load! Help me ho!

After the song they heard something fall on the ground. In the morning they found the two sides of their brother and returned it into the bush. That night the same song was sang and something fell. Next morning the brothers decided to keep the two bodies and waited for Wanjacia. That night he came and they urged him to stop bringing their brother’s body and they asked what he wanted.

He asked for a few goats and a gourd of fat which were granted unto him. He said their brother would live in two parts and he was brought back to life. The other brothers never told anyone what happened.

Lessons learnt:

  • Secrets are worth keeping
  • A promise is a debt

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