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Check up 136

“….so unlike yesterday, nows the time for us to say Happy New Year, Happy New Year, may we all have a vison now and then of a world where every neighbor is a friend, happy New Year, happy New Year, may we all have our hopes, our will to try…” Abba.

Thank KPLC for the upgrades they doing this Njaanuary since they interrupted a fine movie I was watching and that gave me ample time to pick my laptop that feels abandoned to write this. Actually I’m still not yet in the New Year vibe. Let me fill in you.

I went to Mt. Kenya on 21st December 2021, came back on 24th December morning. I was excited to have seen snow that only falls in American Christmas movies. I was over the moon to share and write it up. Then, a flu told me to hold my horses. A flu that had Covid-Omicron symptoms. That’s how I ended up sick. I didn’t even celebrate Christmas with loved ones. I didn’t eat the good meals that come with it. Neither did I celebrate New Year. I’ve been chilling indoors avoiding outdoors like a plague.

I’m not setting goals this year. In fact I rarely set goals and may be just may be that has made my life easier. And when I set goals, I barely meet them because the universe twists them to a certain liking. You know I don’t like unnecessary pressure. The worry and panic that comes when you haven’t achieved what you want. The constant reminder that society engraved to our minds that we learning to unlearn that not meeting targets is not failure. In fact being alive, living, healthy and able to meet a day’s demand one mile at a time is all that matters. So, cut me the crap of writing resolutions. I know what I want at the back of my mind.

Oops the lights are back. We shall continue from here. In the meantime enjoy your 2022.