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Check up 135

I’m a lil bit tipsy as I write this. Almost done with my first Heineken bottle. Who is this bitch that drinks beer? I’m a wine baby girl. However, she only drinks on special occasions. You will never find her drinking on other days/months/years if there is no occasion. So baby girl, tell us what are we celebrating?

Being in no mood. In a rut. I’ve been reading PDF after PDF for research on a project I’ve always wanted to birth and let me tell you Maina, it is stressing the shit outta me. And Academia isn’t doing me any good with unending spammed emails “your name was mentioned in a paper.” The fuck I wish I wrote a paper and was been credited for it but I’m not upgrading to premium. Leave me alone.

Binge watching people turn their cars into RVs has quite been giving me the mood. For a moment in my dreams I want to purchase a 4*4 and do the honors of converting into camper mode and travel for the rest of my life. I mean Eva Zu Beck, Kara and Nate, Louis and Raya are handling it very well. I envy them.

Another thing that has been on my mind is, what would happen if I lived in a container house or a tree house? Like that’s my ideal retirement plan. I’m not chasing stones, cement and all this expensive building materials that have over time been sky rocketing to space. Or haven’t you realized how building these days has become expensive? Life Uncontained YouTube Channel is another vibe but please get rid of the copperhead snakes for safety sake! Furthermore, can Raya and Louis start their tree house project already? Cant keep calm for them to land to Costa Rica.

Back to me. Yes, we see you trying to evade matters at hand. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m holding it down for so many people. And no one is tryna be Dj Khaled and whisper to my head “I’ll hold you down, I’m the one gon’ hold you down.” Truthfully, it’s draining me. I’m out here trying to balance but the weight is overshadowing me. I might collapse soon. No, I gave myself time to cry yesterday. To let it all out because in all honesty have you ever tried to be calm, all figured out but that shit isn’t working? Tell me about it.

Any who, let me go hydrate with water because if you drink alcohol thou shall drink lots of water to let thy system function properly?
Send care packages in form of books because your girl hasn’t smelled paper since July 21st!