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Kiama River Resort

Take 1
Take 2….
And action.

Beautiful. Artistic. Creative. Bigger. Better. All wonderful. I could go on and on but so much has changed since I last visited the resort in my village which is no longer hidden. It is screams of publicity and truthfully it has gone far and beyond in accommodating all.

When I embarked on this journey, I had been warned that Miss Rona was rapidly taking a toll on my villagers. However, since she has decided she is here to stay there was no turning back. In fact a famous musician was coming to entertain revelers but her majesty being a party pooper, that event was cancelled. How I would have loved to revive my mugithi dancing skills. I was so ready to hit the floor. Anyway, GET VACCINATED Y’LL.

Flash forward, I got here just in time when so many meetings were coming to an end. Don’t know if to call them “chamas” but women and men groups were in plenty. One could envy the big cars they drove to the stack of papers they held on their hands. Whatever deals were been made I could tell businesses were booming as we Nairobians continue to shout “wewe ambia Serikali ikupee kazi.” (Tell the government to give you a job).

In that array of admiration, Chef Shadrack and the Manager gave me a warm welcome. Took my order of mukimo and chicken then started wandering.

The kids section is more spacious and has additional swings. There is a giant bouncing castle that wasn’t there in 2019. Surprisingly, even the price tag for all these fun activities changed to Ksh 300 for all games excluding swimming which isn’t in place yet.

A well decorated reception that wasn’t there stands majestically ready to welcome curious guests. The ambience inside it feels like a lounge with red sofas offering a unique ambience. The tiled floor adds to the coziness.

A small gate opens up to a storey building that offers accommodation rooms. Felt like Joe singing more and more because this is major growth. The rates range from Ksh 1,500-2,500 per night depending on one’s needs.

The sitting area outside hasn’t changed from the thatched huts which continue to bring out an African traditional theme.

Remember that indoor sitting that I didn’t like in 2019? Well, am happy to announce they upgraded. That building stretches to house 3 separate buildings. Am not in construction hope you roger what it is I’m trying to say? First is the outdoor bar, secondly is the restaurant where meals were served in 2019. This has a mix of wooden crate seats and red king sized sofas that makes one feel they in a palace. This palace has mounted digital televisions offering entertainment. For privacy this hall would be ideal.

Thirdly is The Lagoon Village. This is your disco area where entertainment happens. The L-shaped wooden crate seats, to common tables and chairs like in any other hotel give the much needed social distance. In this distancing, there is a mini bar to quench one’s thirst while the dais booms of music from your favorite musicians thanks to a present DJ.

Opposite this structure is the kitchen where sumptuous meals are made. The car wash still remains to the end of the open bar. You think that’s it? No. This property has another land opposite the main gate. Yes. More and more. The perimeter walls here are artistically curated and voila another paradise awaits.

A watch tower offers picturesque views of the forest. Green manicured lawn to the left of the tower is where events are held. I witnessed two events that day which made sense that my village is developing. For privacy reasons didn’t capture that. A graduation ceremony was underway and a wedding photo shoot also took place.

To the right of the tower is an ongoing construction of what seems like “wild waters.” I can smell good things are about to happen here. However, I’m curious if the slides go all the way down to the river or is a pool coming up on this side? Whichever comes first, here for it.
In my train of thoughts, can the management add zip lining and a hiking trail? (Consult me for more ideas😉)

It was time for my meal. At first I thought the waitress confused my order because wow it had to start with a starter soup. The rosemary aroma in the soup slapped so good. Then came the main dish which I devoured hungrily. I had to take some chicken home because the portions were just right. Satisfied.

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Also a special thank you to Jacqueline George for having me.


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