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Check up 134

Tori Kelly was right when she sung “Don’t you worry about a thing” and the animation Sing did justice to that but here are my worries:

1. On health
My cramps keep getting worse each and every month. I don’t know if my uterus be screaming get pregnant bitch or this is how it feels as you age. I hate it here and the symptoms are hilarious. Mocking funny. Craving for bitter things, some foods make me nauseous, tired AF, moody as hell, lazy like one who has already conquered the world and has enough to last a lifetime. Isn’t this how pregnant women behave?

2. Leadership
We can change the outcome if we join in to reach out a hand. All it takes is someone stepping in forward and making a step. As you know I’m a volunteer in love with changing communities. So when this Rotarian club I know of started a Rotaract club for young people, I said why not? It would be a good opportunity to learn, have fun, grow and network. Then came the task of looking for the committee to steer this young club that needs to be chartered soon. For weeks I deliberated if I had the power in me to take up more volunteer roles.
By more volunteer roles I mean, I’m the social media person for my high school alumni association, founder of a book club, trailblazer in a hiking group and member in other charitable groups. I feel like my plate is full but is there ever a plateful? The task ahead is to be in charge of the Club Service. They say you learn as you go and passion is everything.

3. Hiking
Added 3 thermal tops and 2 thermal pants to my wardrobe. I made a decision to be adding up something monthly to give the morale to achieve more. I simply don’t want to be caught off-guard when the time to conquer big mountains comes which can be expensive. To achieve this goal, I’ll be doing one hike per month.

4. Mentally
There are times I couldn’t figure out this question, “where is your head right now?” Good news is that speaking out, not holding back and taking control of my fears, space, freedom and choosing me before anything else has greatly improved.

5. Exercise
They say I should MAINTAIN. Looking back, I think I just wanted to run or walk because been a hiker demanded to which of course it demands to but other things like cycling have become bae. Point is, taking up other modes of fitness and see where they lead.

Happy weekend.