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Check up 133


It’s the fact that am lacking shoes that my month, my birthday + blog anniversary month isn’t feeling like June. I know someone might think ‘ooh cut us some slack and get other shoes.’ Or ‘ it’s just a shoe.’

But it is not. Good hiking shoes are expensive. You need to constantly check if it qualifies for all terrains. Then there is the thought that you need to train it to adapt to your feet. I’m not ready for all these. And sincerely speaking, these thoughts are giving me unnecessary anxiety.

“So what happened to your shoes?” I had two pairs. One got smaller (featured image) then the one that has served me for ages did a wear and tear at Mt.Oloruka-olesekut, thanks to its rocky rough terrain throughout. That blog post should be coming up next.

I’m about to cancel out June, hike wise. Send hugs.


Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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