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Making Scones from Bananas

I’m going bananas as to why I have never shared this recipe yet in my mind, I wrote it down! Banana scones are my go to type of snack for breakfast as they tend to hold it together for longer hours and are healthy. Moreover, ever wondered what to do with overripe bananas that we humans dont like to consume? Here to warn you, never feed them to animals or trash them. You missing out a lot.

NB// quantity of ingredients varies according to the number of people you feeding.

2 ripe bananas
1 egg
Pinch of salt
Glass of milk
Cooking oil
Wheat flour- used quarter of the 2kg pack

1. Wash your bananas, peel and mash them.
2. In a separate bowl, beat your egg, then add the milk.
3. In another separate bowl, put your wheat flour, add salt (avoid sugar since the bananas are already sugary) then add the wet ingredients (egg+milk) and whisk till you get a fine paste like that of pancakes.
4. Add the mashed bananas and whisk.
5. Put little amount of oil on a pan for shallow frying. Avoid deep frying as the scones tend to suck up oil, brown quickly on the outside but raw on the inside.
6. Scoop and pour as many as can fit your pan. Let them cook under medium heat and turn once they become golden brown.
7. Serve with your favorite drink and enjoy. They have a sweet banana taste and fuller like mandazi.

Also made gluten free 2 ingredient pancakes here 👉Gluten free pancakes


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