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Before Hiking Tips

You want to start hiking? These are my go to before hiking tips. The after tips can be found here 👉

1.Why are you doing it?
Is it a hobby, passion or is it because you saw beautiful pictures trending? Are you doing it to tell a story, for a legacy or just joining the bandwagon? Is it in you or are your friends pressuring it down your feet? What are you gaining from it? What is it in it for you?

2. Be fit.
You just don’t wake up and say let’s hike. Yes, you can do that if superman genes were passed down to you but in a real world, you got to put the effort.

3. Hydrate.
Water is life, they said. And indeed it has been proven and verified to be the life giver you need on the mountains. We don’t want you all dry and hard. Be a little bit more wet and soft.

4. Eat, eat and eat.
Fasting and fainting for who? Save all the energy you need. Let those healthy carbohydrates and proteins flow freely in your system.

5. Save up for gear.
You don’t need to own the whole of decathlon for you to be considered a hiker. Although, one day you’ll need the whole of decathlon. Point is, start with the basics like boots, hydration bladder, hiking pole, thermals, camel bag. As you elevate, you’ll realize your class goes up and start earning those gangster points where camping essentials start streaming in and upgrade calls your name.
PS: we hate sharing. No way am I going to save, refuse to enjoy myself then you come camping with nothing shouting how you want to enjoy yourself. Hello hunnay! Isn’t happening. Get yours.

6. Research.
Kindly don’t be naïve about a particular mountain, hill or nature trail. Know beforehand which demon you facing to better equip yourself. Know the terrain, attractions, distance, duration etc.

7. Have an open mind.
Things might not always be as you expect. Your fantasy maybe short lived. Anything can happen. Things do happen. Have fun. Cherish the moments.

8. You are in a race with yourself.
Summits are not the A thing in hiking. If your ultimate goal is to summit each and every mountain, then be it. However, not all mountains are summit able. Some just require you to take them in bits, others to admire their beauty. Whichever path you take, don’t rush it. Don’t compete with fellow hikers. Of importance is conquering yourself. Bora uhai.

9. Check your health.
Any underlying issues need medical attention before putting that foot in front of the other.

You got an additional point that comes in handy before that hike? Let me know in the comment section. Also, listen to this episode on my podcast 👇


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