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The Aging Terror

Title: You Don’t Look Your Age… and Other Fairy Tales

Author: Sheila Nevins

Genre: Autobiography, humour

Published: May 2017

Pages: My hardcover 255

My GR rate: 4/5

The great thing about aging, was that at last you could say what you wanted, and do what you wanted, and be who you wanted.

Sheila’s journey to the documentaries world was inspired by a woman at a restaurant who told her mother’s amputated arm that had been rolled up, it made her want to throw up and it was rude to expose it! She grew up to champion stories about the less fortunate. For those who needed visibility, notoriety and acceptance.

With no reason to hold, she shamelessly airs her linens to the public in a humorous pose that only tells the blatant truth. Her truth might be ugly but it is how she lets us in like dear aunt who has nothing to hide.

Of course the aging terror provokes insights when she asks:

Why can’t I face aging with grace? I want to celebrate the longevity of my life. I have enough Botox in me to detonate Iran😂😂😂. Why can’t I go gracefully into gravity?

She goes on to narrate her face lifts after the mirror told her:

without any doubt, you are not the fairest of them all. You are not fair at all.

Add more humor when she maximized by bra what nature had minimized😅. So funny yet raw. More of what we go through on a daily.

Real life challenges of being a woman in a man’s world; what it means to be a working mother; what it’s like to be an older woman in a youth-obsessed culture.

Other fairy tales like celebrating love, life and death merge this book to a beautiful unapologetic masterpiece.

There is a chapter dedicated for advice to women in a male dominated workplace (by a woman who knows) written by Meredith Wilson, who was fired in five minutes after 26years of dutiful service. Grab whichever works for you because it’s what it is at times..

  1. Learn to lean in.
  2. Learn to flatter.
  3. Learn to assure your boss/bosses that you have mastered the art of having it all.
  4. Learn to look as good as you can.
  5. Learn to laugh at jokes- especially if they’re not funny.
  6. Learn to never admit you already know something you already know.
  7. Learn not to have true feelings.
  8. Learn to not ask directly for more money but mention ‘en passant.’
  9. Learn to network.
  10. Learn the art of the insincere thank you.

Any who, whether you worry about Magnifier X8, Botox, dental formula or decay just know insecurities are part of us and Sheila got you.