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Haves and Haves Not

Title: Striving for the Wind

Author: Meja Mwangi

Pages: 199

Published: 1990

Genre: Fiction

My GR rate: 4/5

The Haves and Have Not is depicted clearly. Baba Pesa the richest man in Kambi village downsizes the poor and bends the law for his desires. ‘Money speaks’ is his slogan as he lures those in authority by buying them beer. I’ve never hated a character as much as I did to this one.

Baru, the poor man suffers immensely been Pesa’s neighbour as he refuses to sell his land to him. This propels the book into humour, misery, love, hatred as Kambi village tries to thrive in its slumber where all seems to be lost.

My favourite part had to be the ability of the people to come up with appropriate nicknames that each resonated with the characters.

The downsize, too many grammatical errors.