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I got Rocked

Activity: Rock climbing+bouldering+hiking
Where: Ololosokuan, Ngong.
Entry fee: Ksh 250
Guide fee: Ksh 1,000
Guide: Emmanuel Kaimarish (Highly recommended on Jambo reviews)
Terrain: Moderate. Not for people with height phobia
For campers: Ksh 500 per night with equipment, Ksh 1,500 without equipment and Ksh 3,000 on full board.

When Queen sung ‘we will,we will rock you‘ this is what Ololosokuan did to me. Rock rolling at O’s land was bomb AF! Number 111 from Nairobi Railways will charge an adrenaline junkie Ksh 100 to Ngong town an hour’s drive because traffic plus ongoing road construction might kill your morale.  From here, a bodaboda rider charges Ksh 100 to Savannah/Ololosokuan Sunset Resort which is the starting point.

Been a family owned business, none of the three brothers is named Ololosokuan. The name was derived from ‘Buffaloes‘ that existed here long ago before finding home deep in Ngong hills and Ngong forest. (If you’ve been to the hills the last stretch to the summit is always a cautious walk, last I was there.)

Indigenous trees and plants sorround this facility as fresh air, birds chirping rock hyraxes and baboons do the talking. The Leleshwa leaves (used as toilet paper) reminded me of a baby’s bum and interestingly Kileleshwa suburb was named after them; before its birth the plants grew there. Oseki and Osukunwa trees made me fall in love more with the Maasai naming culture.

First peak after going through gorges

The nature trail offers spectacular picturesque views of Ngong Hills, Oloruka-Olesekut mountains and Mt. Suswa. The old railway line can be spotted miles away with the ongoing developments of the new railway.

Hiking started in the afternoon around 2:00pm which I highly recommend so as to capture the sunset from 5:00pm. The kickoff started with an easy staircase that led to the camping grounds afterward shifting to huge boulders that house bats.

‘Left leg, right leg, put your hand here, now push your body upwards’ were the frequent guidelines from Kaimarish on climbing the boulders that continued all the way to the finishing point. Yes, 2-3 hours of physical fitness that might make you abandon your squats and lunges for the rest of the year. No skills required.

Buddha made an entry on the trails which questioned why did I not collect souvenir! Did someone forget their god or were they protecting the rocks?

Two of the toughest climbs included climbing 40ft rock face with 15ft river below that requires a prayer to the African angels to the 30ft high rocks which is the finale.

Climate change is witnessed here where Ololosokuan river is a scenic resting point on its boulders. The dry river serves the neighbouring community making it harder for young Morans who graze their cattle. It is here where we heard rock hyraxes mating in the bush. Boy did they mate😅. The moaning is one of a kind.

It been a circular trek, we were back at Savannah where our lunch was ready. The open bar thrilled football fanatics while the sunset behind  Oloruka-Olesekut made my jaw drop.  Fries go for Ksh 100. Meat for Ksh 800 and 900. These you order before starting your hike.

Rocking rocked!

At the river boulders


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