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Check up 121

Funny how something you’ve ever wanted can be trashed in a second. Didn’t see this coming from an artist.

Am still processing how yin yang is associated with demons. For hell’s sake even the devil would love to know because my research has proved to be futile.

I love tattoos. I gladly watch Black Ink Chicago and the likes to just see art plus drama. And for so long this body of mine has ached for getting one. Now I was ready till I started consulting for prices then boom!

It’s ridiculous how a page can be so full of art done yet be so picky as to which is saintly and not. Am yet to figure out which Christian faith is this because if the Bible serves me right, it banishes all forms. Or are we now referring to the Lost Books of the Bible? Is there a Great Rejected Text am missing? Should I just conclude religion is the opium of the masses.

Mad? No. Am just curious about art. What am I missing that this one sees? Do your artists tell you no to certain services because “my faith doesn’t allow for such” kind of crap.

By fire by force, I’ll get it done before the year ends and will surely be the demon walking alive.


Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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