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We are family

🎶🎶We are, we are, not your ordinary fami-mily, but we all can agree that, we are, we are, close as close can be….we are, we are, Ham and Cheese🎶🎶😂😂😂 alright enough Ice Age animation.

Welcome to my cat world where fish, beef meat, milk, soil/toilet training, little scratch scars, dudu dusting, cuddling and spanking happens. Started with 1 now we at 5. Had Snowbell not invaded our privacy by delivering her kittens under the seat on April 2 just after fool’s day where I felt a fool for assuming her fatness to beautiful fur, then I wouldn’t be here. Damn, I love those kittens. For now. Problem is, the baby daddy isn’t my Mowgli😭. Literally taking care of dead beat kittens😅. Cat woman belongs to my neighbour and has literally refused to leave. Recently saw her with my boy mating in this cold season and let me tell you Maina, didn’t know Spaying was a thing. Patiently waiting for three months to see my ‘grandkids.’

Handsome, soft fur that shines myriads, walks like Mufasa ready to pounce on Simba-so majestic, straight sharp look I bet he would look cute in a cat suit. Prrrrr. He commands attention with a notorious meow and boy when hungry keeps moving around my feet. Used to love cuddling but now that he is of age, hates disturbances. He is more of a Nairobi husband who leaves on Friday morning to resume home on Monday evening. Feed, dust and sleep like he owns the world. Probably dreaming of his next mischief. What I love about him is that he is not picky. He would surely survive in a jungle. He’s got the bare necessities of life.Snowbell
She wouldn’t survive. Boujee, classy, big eyed missy (her eyes are round and huge in a sexy way). Her slow calculated walk like she walking on air only that she lacks hair to swing it around as she passes everyone would be a jaw dropping cat walk. Apparently, her baptism name is Kiri (swagger for Kiti/Chair as she loves sofas) as my neighbour disclosed but since anime is me, decided to rename her. Well-fed, spoilt, got the manners, motherly but if milk or meat lacks she doesn’t take anything. ‘Do I look cheap to you’ stares are her mantra. What I love about her is that she is a pedigree, snowbell typa puff who loves indoors.Esla
First born daughter named after Frozen animation. Grey, white fur with a nose birthmark. She too will puff. Sleeping, playing, cleaning everyone is what she knows best. However, she has an irritating meow when seeking for attention or when hungry. So irritating that if I was to start giving them out, she would be the first to go. She is a fast learner though.Anna
Second born daughter who recently discovered her purring abilities. Also got her name from Frozen. Shy, fat, hates suckling and sleeping,  follows one around and tries to play. Yet to discover what headphones did to her because girl been traumatized😅. She runs away fast to hide when one picks their headphones. Keeps to herself most times as she hates been bothered. Maturity? May be. It’s easy to confuse her with Esla but its birthmark is under the chin.Mìgwì
Give it to the culture for such a name! Any who, a buddy requested that I name it after him. Had to grant the wish. A typical last born who follows his mother, loves suckling but hates eating. Little man has started receiving hunted birds, locusts from mama and boy is he greedy. Hates sharing, sleeping and playing are his forte. A bit of a slow learner but catching up well. Love his fire jungle fur that makes me think the father must have been fiery figure.There we have it. Open your doors to petsdom by sharing your stories. Would love to hear how you’ve coped this far. Crack me up by either tagging under this post or blog.