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Story time. Gather at the fireplace. 😀🏃🏾💃🏽🔥

Once upon a time, no. Twice upon a time, there were no ovens, mixers, black forest cakes, red velvet cakes and the cake world was just boring. You only saw cakes at wedding ceremonies or the lucky kids who did their birthdays at school who would not give us peace a day earlier sending invites to mates in other classes. (Ok, I was a birthday girl back then. Let me carry my cross.)

Centuries later, everything just became modern. Tier cakes, designer cakes, cake experts bloomed from every corner to outsmart each other in this sweet world. However, Girl On The Move is still stuck to her traditional first class from mama. And she baked her birthday cake, the old school way.

1kg Self raising flour/ normal wheat flour
500g Prestige margarine
5 eggs
Half a cup of milk
2 tablespoons baking powder( if you use normal wheat flour. For self raising you don’t need this)
500g Sugar

*SUGAR+MARGARINE=FLOUR i.e. if you have 500g of margarine, your sugar measure will be 500g but your flour will be twice the mixture.
* Muscle power is needed💪🏽😂.


  • In a large bowl pour out the margarine. Then sieve the sugar into the mixture. Sieving is for airing purposes to get a fine course.
  • Mix the paste using a strong wooden spoon (mwiko in Swahili) till you get a fine paste. Then sieve your flour into the mixture and if you using normal flour measure your baking powder here. Mix the ingredients together using your wooden spoon ( in the modern world we got mixer, see technology🙏🏼😅). Here the course will not be fine. It will resemble that of making biscuits.
  • In a separate bowl beat your eggs and pour them to the mixture. Mix gently till everything comes together.
  • Add milk to acquire a thick, smooth paste.
  • You can also grate a lemon to give it that yummy not so boring taste  or chocolate, essence, dates, name them.
  • Since we doing it old school take a heavy cooking pot (sufuria) that can go inside a charcoal burner (jiko). Smear it with margarine (remember to set aside a small portion). Then later dust it with flour to avoid sticking of the cake.
  • Pour out your mixture into the sufuria and level it.
  • The stove should have been preheated, be on heat (😂😂yes just like an oven.) Cook with it as many times as possible on the day of your cake baking so that it acquires heat. Make sure it has just small bits of burning charcoal. Moreover, set aside burning charcoal for the lid of the cooking pot and for emergency purposes.
  • Take out the ears of the jiko🤔😁 that is my mother tongue speaking, so that the cooking pot can go in. Then cover with a lid that doesn’t allow air to get in and put some burning charcoal on top of it.
  • Leave it to cook, peep to see if its raising, if not you might need to add more heat (burning charcoal) and the smell will alert you once a cake is baking.
  • Always make sure the lid has burning charcoal at all times so that the top of the cake is baked fully. Take a knife, let it go through a cake and if it comes out dry then your cake is ready. This is after 45 minutes- 1hour of baking.
  • Take a flat plate, transfer your cake the upside down way and let it cool.