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Check up 113

I’ve been running, not from my problems but keeping fit. Joined the virtual Nn Marathon where running as one was the theme.

However, officially taking a break from any form of exercise till my heel pain vanishes. Yes, it is that serious. Am walking away from the troubles in my life🎶🎶 Craig David sang. Add salt to injury, today I turned another year. One that was to be celebrated at Rwanda (the travel dream I had this year had Rona not interfered) but decided to do a 10 kilometer run representing Lewa Marathon. Just felt I needed to. The thirst had to be quenched. Don’t ask how am fairing. I feel like a kangaroo who should be given a walking stick or else improvise my hiking pole into one.

Yesterday I did a thing with a background of flowers and plants that have sprouted beautifully. My self esteem needed boosting. Happy birthday!

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