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Check up 112

“What will you do with the time?” Reverend Al Sharpton (President, National Action Network) asks in Remembering George Floyd.

Benjamin Crump and Reverend Al Sharpton have just made my night in this pandemic of racism that has got everyone talking due to the American Justice Malfunction.

Quoting the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastic, Rev Al instills in us about time. “It is a different time, a different season. Time to stand in George’s name, time to build the justice system. It is not time to make excuses or empty promises. That time will stall if you have your watch on the wrong pocket. Time out.”

The background sensational piano, the presence of stars like Kevin Hart, Ludacris, Tiffany Haddish, Tyrese Gibson, the choir adorned with I can’t breath tees, the many minutes of silence when the policeman had his knee on George’s neck, the night has been magical, inspirational and breath taking. I’ll quote some of the words Rev Al spoke tonight that got into me.

“We need to make America great again. It was not great for women, Black’s, Latinos…We need to go back to Washington. It is not only for the White House..we won’t stop until we change the whole system. It is time to stop this. No justice, no peace.”

“For many years they have been on their knees on our necks. We need to get the knees off our necks. We can’t breath. We need to chase the roaches that are in darkness by keeping the lights on. We come this far by faith. Leaning on God. He never fails us. He will make a way for his children….Time out.”


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