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Check up 110


How many times should we sing this song? Is it in the numerous novels that have for years portrayed racism? It is when musicians gather to spread the message further? Is it the unending quotes from philosophers? Is it protesters? Is it when gun control goes berserk?  Is it when relatives tell you ‘been black in this Country is the hardest thing?’ Is it when double standards play check in the Judicial system? Is it when father and son gun down a black running man? Is it when a black man pleads for help only for the respected police force to kill him like a dog? This madness needs to stop!

What happened at Minneapolis to George Floyd is uncouth. Inhuman. No one is listening. Watching his brother and family attorney talk makes one want to cry. Even more watching Bakari Sellers narrate he doesn’t know what to tell his children of what has become of the State. No one is sure of the future anymore. One moment you are alright, the next someone’s child is dead thanks to inequalities that stretch from education, health, work places name them.

Enough is enough. On the eve of Memorial day when honoring and mourning military personnel should be something of glitz and grandeur, it is sad to see another force going contrary to their laws. One that should be on the forefront of saving lives. One that should listen to eyewitnesses when they say ‘he is not breathing.’ No. Not even listen to eyewitnesses. One that should know how to handle matters. Because we all matter.

Black lives matter.