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Craving for adventure

Activity: Crave kitchen and Nachu Caves
When: 23rd December 2019
Service: Let’s Drift
Charges: Ksh 500
Total time taken: 5 hours

My country continues to amaze me with the hidden unexplored gems that would need drifting on a weekday. Having not conquered any mountain on December, thirst trap was all over prompting a wander luster not think clearly. I was suffering from hiking disorder and the only cure was to
go have fun. 2019 opened doors to amazing not for profit hiking WhatsApp groups that only money can tolerate. Wildflower decided to join the bandwagon to tour Kikuyu plus see the famous Crave Kitchen.We boardered bus number 105 from Nairobi CBD to Kikuyu but it been a holiday mode the roads were crazy with the traffic. Kikuyu never seemed so far! One hour later we were at the not so big city. Transport is Ksh 40.

Crave Kitchen
Hidden in the busy town of Kikuyu this restaurant serves one with major bliss away from Nairobi busyness. Tucked away behind a brick façade this treasure is one to miss if you are not keen. The black board and plant pots outside welcomes one to an artistic ambience.

Inside, there are wooden tables and chairs with a vintage feel. The walls are decorated with paintings and drawings with a mix of African sisal bags for sale.What even makes it more interesting are the numerous bookshelves where one can sit, eat and read. You even get to purchase a book. If that is not some level of crafty detail then I don’t know what to say about it. Plant pendants take your breath away as they hang from the ceiling while the staff light you up with their warm reception as well as their quick delivery of services.

The design is an open restaurant kitchen plan where you can see the chef spicing up everything as the aroma slaps your hungry stomach dead. From pancakes which makes many throng here for breakfast, pastries, cakes, fresh baked bread, local delicacies, you get to choose. If you hate indoors then the back brings you to reality with an open setting along a walkway as you drink your wine or relish roasted meat. Value for your money is much appreciated on this side of the Sahara as the menu caters for people from all walks of life. Lastly, WI-FI. You can skip office and work from here as the calmness will help you beat those deadlines.

Nachu caves
Having had our breakfast come brunch we were back at the bus stop to pick another to Luseggeti where we were charged Ksh 50 per person. The trail welcomes one to households as livestock graze about. The weather here requires a sweater as it dillydallies from sunshine to chilliness.

Located on Gatune hills the caves are one to require guts as the climb is rocky and slippery. The path to get here shifts from mud, bush shrubs to grazing fields as the majestic Ngong hills comes into glare view. If you want to take it easy this is a must try track, nothing out of the ordinary only that the caves take shape of the horn of Africa.

Interestingly, you will find the traditional three stones used for cooking with remnants of ash indicating people come to camp here but for prayers and fasting. The writings on the wall are just names of people scribbled that they were there. If you make it to this point, then rock climbing is an easy pie.The descend is what scares many. Crawling on fours as you try to level your legs to get out of huge boulders. Short but sweet adventure.Where are you hiking or going for adventure this year? What is on your bucket list?


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